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  1. I'm a sexual aromantic. I'm very interested in sex (HUGE understatement, actually) but feel no romantic attraction and never wanted a boyfriend. I'm still hoping to finally find somebody to sleep with me no strings attached. I'd love to have "lots of meaningless sex". lol
  2. I'm an ARO who is having a hard time coping. I get people who keep telling me that there's no such thing as ARO, and how I just never met the one. Nobody understands and I'm feeling depression from this lack of acceptance. My late mother's friend is really on my shit list right now. She's telling me this shit how I could one day find somebody that will change me and how I'm "going to scare him away with a label". How I'm "letting labels and living in the past" hold me back. Back from what? A romantic relationship I never wanted?! This is my response: "People keep giving me this unsolicited advice on what to do with my body and sexuality-"wait for the one", "save it for somebody special", things my brain is just not wired for. There's never going to be that magical right person who is going to come along and change me. People need to accept that. My sexuality isn't anybody else's problem. Anybody who gets scared away is a person who isn't worth having in my life anyway. Even before I knew this term "aromantic", I had the feeling something was up when for as long as I can remember, I was sexually attracted to boys and wanted to make out with them, but I never wanted anything beyond friendship and never had any desire for romantic relationships. I never felt romantic attraction and you can't change an ARO anymore than you can change a homosexual.". I'm never going to change. I'm 28 years old and always felt this way. I can't force myself to feel ways I'm not wired to feel. I even had moments where I wished I would die cause of people's comments making me feel defective and bad about myself.
  3. I'm posting again cause I'm depressed and have nowhere else to turn. My family are big time freaking out about me going on dating sites to try and meet people online. There's really potential danger everywhere, yes. But I'd really like to hope that these sites aren't as dangerous as they are making them out to be. I'm socially inept and it's hard for me to make conversation face to face with people I never interacted with before. I thought that the apps/sites would be a useful tool for somebody like me. I explain this theory, and my family get all pissy with me. I also battle chronic fatigue syndrome, so going out all the time looking for somebody isn't always the best option for me. I thought it'd be a nice thing for somebody with my condition, to chat online and arrange to meet up in person, in a public place first. Instead of dragging my fatigued body out all the time, with no guarantee of meeting anybody anyhow. To be in my situation and be told why I can't use these online options -which I feel is my only real option- wouldn't anybody feel hopeless and very depressed? 😞
  4. Thank you for your kind responses, everybody. I appreciate having this forum full of other like minded people. Some of these dating/sex advice forums with members shoving their "save it for somebody special" bs down my throat, it just made me want to punch the wall. lol I figured that this board would be a nice ARO safe haven. ☺ I'll get back to you more individually soon. One thing that really discourages the crap out of me: There's this dude a little younger than me that I met on okcupid two years back. I have his number and we text regularly, but not everyday. He's in a similar predicament that I'm in. We never met face to face as of yet; We've discussed but I kept stalling on it. Surprisingly, he doesn't keep persisting and still talks to me; I really give him credit for this. What kills me is that people around me are saying how it's dangerous and how I shouldn't meet him, that I don't know him. But I've been talking to him for two years. Everything has it's risks, but I'd like to think that somebody just out to harm wouldn't have the patience and keep talking to somebody for two years like this. I've talked to a few on okcupid who got aggressive with me or ghosted me cause I wouldn't arrange to meet them right away. I don't know... What do you folks think?
  5. I found this forum hoping to find like minded people to talk to. I'm a 27 aromantic female. I feel no romantic attraction AT ALL, but I still feel sexual attraction and strong urges. I so badly want to experience sex but I never want a boyfriend. I feel so hopeless and am left feeling very depressed. I've thought of apps like Tinder, but the people around me are saying that those are dangerous and that I'll just end up dead if I look for people on there. I feeil like these apps are my only hope, so if these are so dangerous -how will I ever find somebody to have sex with? 😭I'm so afraid that I'll always be a virgin, I want to have sex more than anything. Is there any hope for somebody in my situation to ever have sex?😭 If there's any other users in the same situation I'm in, it'd be nice to have somebody to talk to!
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