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  1. For me, it wouldn't have to be a group where they're always doing awareness events or constantly supporting causes and charities. Granted, supporting and contributing to the community is always something to strive for but just having a place to go with the overall idea of being asexual and/or aromantic present is OK. I'm not too social when it comes to events where the individual person has to take it upon themselves to initiate conversation but knowing that there's a place to go, regardless if I'm going to do work or just exist, it would be nice to have the space in a way.
  2. Hi, I'm Zekai (They/them). After coming to this website for personal consultation and learning about both myself and the aromantic community, I finally took the time to make an account and actually join the group. I look forward to being able to learn more and possibly contribute to the treasure trove that this website is.
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