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  1. Perhaps I could find them but I dont know what the rules are regarding necroposts. Personally I havent found ANYTHING in my searches specifically about dealing with hedonic treadmill stuff Which is why I felt fine posting it after searching. i also think there may be a Cultural clash here as I am not from a country that treats romance as a (christian) spiritual element. That isnt to say amatonormativity isnt an issue but my country is not spiritual or religious so things like romance and marriage are treated in a more secular manner. I do think this has affected how we
  2. I get you. Im very "sam" myself because Im very allosexual and it works for me but lately Ive also been wondering why Just Aromantic isnt "enough" for people. Is it because the split attraction model was so widely promoted online in earlier years? I dont have an answer but Ive seen a shift on tumblr toward embracing "nonsam" aromanticism due to a lot of people conflating aro with aroace. Im definitely NOT ace or Even demi but as Ive gotten older Im less inclined to pursue those types of relationships and what I want out of relationships in general has changed and Ive begun to feel more comfort
  3. I have the white aro ring. The rest I just generally dress in a very OUT way and am usually immediately clocked as queer.
  4. It's from the tumblr mogai community Which is incredibly loaded with arguments and callouts and collection of receipts. Another problem is most of them are VERY young (like 14-17) which isnt a problem in itself but there can be a lot of misunderstandings surrounding indentity politics and social things regarding the non-cishet communities on tumblr. Generally these days Im wary of any terminology originating on tumblr.
  5. Hey there friend! The scariest part is all this working up toward it. You arent lacking in anything and you arent being cruel to your partner. Thats what you need to know first off. I got married impulsively before I came out so I have a husband. The best thing you can do is have a frank talk with your partner about how you experience being aro, and what each person's expectations for the relationship going forward is. In our case, we decided to try an open relationship, then poly, and then back to being open. Everyones relationships with their partners changes over time. That
  6. Let me preface this with the fact that this is an idea I have and if you Google it nothing comes up so Im starting from scratch here but I think it could be a valuable discussion for us aros to have: Among alloromantics, the panic surrounding the hedonic treadmill and the return to baseline after the high they feel over romantic sensations can create a toxic feedback loop of demanding emotional labour or leaving a partner when the relationship changes. Some aros like me simply dont have that response, or our treadmill loops are smaller/or more stable, and thus the stres
  7. Wow a lot happened in this discussions. im reading the research now but yeah I really Vibe with this idea of "social monogamy taken to an extreme". I am so independent I couldnt tolerate having to "do everything as a couple" and I remember a particular kind of grief in young adulthood and adolescence when I discovered boys were using me as a wingman without my consent to get to a girl(when I perceived us as being very close friends) and essentially never speaking to me again once they started dating said girl because now they were a "unit" a single "item". Thats an aspect of modern romance i f
  8. I would advise ANYONE to talk to the person their interested in in ANY sort of relationship about expectations/needs/desires. Im married and got married before I knew the word aro(no kidding i legit decided to go for it cause "wow he doesnt annoy me as much as other people"(I was a teenager)) and Im now out with him and did some polyam dating for a while before deciding it super wasnt for me. The thing is, there was no honeymoon period or like losing interest romantically or anything like that so in some ways I am a loyal and devoted partner for LIFE. It's all about perspective and the i
  9. You know, I never knew there was a term for it and I am very thankful for your expertise. I sometimes have cis people tell me they "never think about their gender(But being expected to (insert gender role stereotype here) annoys them too) so what makes them different than me who is nonbinary" and I didnt know there was a term to describe it so thank you. I have dysphoric hypomania as well as gender dysphoria so to me it was always a clearly definable feeling for me so pinpointing it didnt take a lot of effort/existential angst.
  10. I would refrain from this kind of armchair psychology.
  11. I want a BFF like a medieval warrior and his lord kind of relationship. Someone who always has my back, and we can have beers in pubs and shoot the shit, or go camping together. I think I would have fit into to an older more outdated relationship model. I have a theory that aro wasnt as politically necessary in eras before the rise of the middle class, privacy, and noblemen marrying for love rather than political positions. In older societies many people lived in the same home, or on the same plot of land, and raising children was a community situation; there was lordly devotion and
  12. Also, like, voidpunk shouldnt be something thats gatekept based on label. If Im not mistaken, anyone whose identity has been dehumanised because of some perceived lack can use voidpunk; this includes autistic people, nonbinary people, schiz-spec people, empathy fluctuating people, physical disabilities, you name it(this includes allo-aros, non-SAM people, and allo-aces I would think). The idea of a punk movement(and punk itself has never been "apolitical") like this isnt some checklist or box you have to fit into, and people are making voldsonas with some current trending aesthetical characte
  13. I think I was like... mid 20s. I didnt know the word existed and I never really was able to imagine myself with a romantic partner and had a (rather amatonormative) rule in my Youth that Id just marry the first person I could stand to live with. But it wasnt until I became very close to a friend who very much wanted something romantic with me, and I knew I felt something very strong for him that definitely wasnt romance(we are still deeply loyal to each other even though our lives have long parted paths and diverged) and Googled it. I found the word "squish" on AVEN and found aro and that
  14. Ive been referring your tumblr to people Asking me what voidpunk is since it's my top hashtag 😆
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