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  1. Haven't been on in ages. Hi people. 

  2. I've gotten belittled by some "asexuals" on Facebook. I told the person who runs the page and blocked the haters. The haters basically think aromantics have the knowledge level of kindergarteners. All I did was comment on an Asexual Aces post. The jokes on them though, because I'm writing about similar ish things in a story of mine...
  3. Being belittled by commenters on a FB post about Asexuality for mentioning being Aro and they treat you like you're back in kindergarten. I blocked them within minutes and told the person who runs the page (who sided with me.) Being AroAce outside of Aven and here can be so trying at times. From that happening, I have some new material to write .
  4. ^^ This. When someone tells me they broke up because of cheating . Also- aside from really close friends- I don't understand discussing the romantic/sexual aspects of a romantic/sexual relationship. Made even more awkward when someone who's not even close to me (who seems to forget I'm AroAce), is talking about it. I feel like the only way I'll ever understand romantic/sexual relationships is through writing fictional characters- it's the only time I won't freak out over something romantic/sexual.
  5. This is more related to being ace than Aro... My heterosexual heteroromantic friend decides to tell me they broke up with their most recent girlfriend because of sexual reasons. (Why do I have to know this information??) Then they proceed to tell me that they've given up on dating. I pretty much did the messaging equivalent of backing away slowly.
  6. I guess because I've been aromantic my whole life, even when I was in high school I was decidedly against dating and all that nonsense. Basically, when meeting new people in person, I'm not about to use the terms "aromantic" or "asexual" because there's a high chance they aren't familiar with them. So I basically say I'm not interested in dating etc..and even when I get the whole "You'll find someone one day" etc nonsense- I don't feel affected by it because I've heard it for so long.
  7. Well, the most stressful week of the year is overwith for me. Finally in SC away from the rat race of NJ..

    1. paporomantic


      Congrats!!! :icecream: Is moving to another country the next step?

    2. nightfury326


      I don't know. 

  8. *sigh* Can this week be overwith already? The stress already got me 3 weeks ago. 

    1. Dodgypotato


      :/ 3 more days 'till Friday.. Got any icecream?

  9. Guten Tag! Sehr Gut. Está una dia muy bien! I know German and Spanish, but I'm also hoping to hone in on a few of the Slavic languages- maybe even try Mandarin or Korean.
  10. In a week, I will no longer live in NJ...(you oppressively high taxes, high cost of living, very stressed out culture, type of state...especially the part by NYC..South Jersey is nicer anyway)

    1. paporomantic


      Congrats on moving on! I wonder why so many aces are still staying in NJ.

    2. deltaX


      As someone who is from South Jersey but currently living elsewhere, congratulations! :P

    3. nightfury326


      South Jersey is so much nicer. I went to college down there a long while back. :) (still has the high taxes tho :/ ) The suburban counties close to NYC are always congested etc and the infrastructure is soo old and can't handle modern traffic well. I LOVED the Pine Barrens :)

  11. I stopped giving a damn what others think, and actually came out as ace on my FB author page.  

    1. omitef



    2. owl


      Good job! How'd it go?

    3. paporomantic


      Well done! :icecream::cake: The utility of stopping giving a damn is one of life's best-kept secrets!

  12. I'm through with real life interactions, people are too unfriendly and give the stupidest remarks, over food no less. Plot Twist- this isn't one of my parents (whom, I'm much more used to.) 

    1. omitef


      Are you alright? If you ever want to talk about what happened (or stuff that happens in the future), feel free to message me.

    2. Dodgypotato


      People are stupid. >: (


      But you're a cowgirl - and cowgirls have superpowers! :icecream:

  13. This is the most recent picture of me I have on my laptop. It's from when I finished sewing my dirndl skirt in sewing class. Also, Hi!
  14. I can barely make a post on AVEN without it giving me Internal Server Errors.. :(

  15. Even though I'm aro. I wish I knew how to help my romantic friends. : ( It's all the longing for a partner that...I don't understand the want for?? I'd be up for a QPR, as long as it's not society's boxed up version of awkward dating. I don't know how to help them.
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