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  1. Oh, cool! I'm in Michigan and am gonna attend Traverse City Pride. Have fun everyone!!!
  2. Aros get ice cream?!?! Okay, I'm in the right place. x) Now its a party.
  3. It sucks how little Aro stuff Exists to the wider world. I was forced to call myself '....... straight??' Whenever the questions came up. I did find out when I was around 21 though, so not too bad. =) Its painful to imagine how confused I would be without the internet though.
  4. Wow, this is a thing? Makes me wish I had the money to go to NYC. . . On second thought, no. Going to Detroit was too much City for me; I can't even imagine NY! xP Pretty fantastic though. =)
  5. Lol, I found out about Aro and Ace stuff a couple of years ago now... Found AVEN right away, but never this place. Anywho, I'm me. Pretty Aro, never had a crush in school. I had a friend that asked several times if I was lesbian or something and I could only even say 'I don't know.' For like 8 years there I kept thinking that I was a 'late bloomer' so I just ignored all of that stuff. High school ended and I ended up in a 'relationship', even though it never felt like it seemed it should. Then I found out about Ace/Aro stuff. I identified as fully Asexual for a couple of years even though it never quite fit; recently I've just given up and gone with Grey'Ace. Right now though, being Aromantic has been a good deal more important to me than Ace. Glad I found this place; I confuse myself soo much on this stuff! x)
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