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  1. Does anyone out there think that an asocial aro could find a partner or should seek a partner? I mean specifically asocial, different from being an introvert. No direct enjoyment from socializing at all. Definitely hates meeting new people. Despite that, has good social skills, just dislikes using them. Is this even an answerable question on a social network meant to connect social people together? I mean, would social people even think twice about a person who feels nothing good from interacting with them? Any ideas about what sort of person would want to cohabit with a person like that? Maybe a sociopath or narcissist who doesn't care whether their partner likes being around them?? I'm just throwing things out of my butt at this point. (this is not about pets, no pets) Would it be too selfish for the person to want a monogamous relationship if they can't appreciate their partner romantically or socially? What I mean by that is, I see hardly any pure aro couples, they usually have a sympathetic romantic partner because we are rare enough as it is. Also, "pan" and non-monogamous are extremely popular in my area. Or to put it another way, should someone settle for something else because they are rare? Anyone want to speak to any of these questions? Is this forum dead?
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