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  1. Man, @Natkat, that sucks! And trauma is defined to be  "a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.," so it sounds like that counts.  


    @Vega, I don't see why something else making you aromantic would make you any less aromantic. We don't know why orientations are in the first place! It doesn't matter why you feel this way, just that you do. 


    1 hour ago, Blue Phoenix Ace said:

    I'm curious about this too. I would imagine this would be fairly rare. Maybe it could be brought on by a very abusive relationship and breakup?

    Doesn't have to be very abusive, in my experience. 



  2. I ran into the word "caedromantic" on tumblr, defined as 'having been able to experience romantic attraction in the past, and not experiencing romantic attraction any more, with the feeling that the romantic attraction was taken away/destroyed or left because of a traumatic experience.'


    Does anyone else here feel that way and want to talk about it?




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  3. 6 hours ago, Mark said:

    But at least with romantic love it's hard to be sad over lacking the companionship of several people at once...


    Dude, back when I was alloro I fell in love with two people at once. Fun times.


    It is SO much better being aro. I still have major issues with sorting out my emotions about a couple of people, but that's because I used to value my relationships with them and I'm having trouble figuring out what went wrong, not because I yearn to spend 60% of my time with them and get hurt whenever I try to. SO MUCH BETTER.

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  4. Hello, I'm Ciiriianan. I'm sometimes also called Willowoak or Willow.

    I'm a non-binary/genderfluid aro-ace. I'm neurodivergent and tend toward sex-repulsed. 

    I'm a math major in my senior year of college; graduating in a month (agh). 

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