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  1. I'm a Protestant Christian and I didn't understand religion at first but after a while I found comfort in praying to God and I feel less alone when I talk to Him. My religion doesn't really affect my aromanticism and moreso of me being bi. I was afraid that God wouldn't love me anymore because I'm not cishet and it didn't help that the church I used to go to spouted anti LGBT stuff that made me feel worse about myself. I now know God won't hate me for being bi or nonbinary since I can't help it
  2. Heya I'm proud to be a Native American (Athabaskan and Inupiaq to be more specific)
  3. I don't think you can get rid of them though there are probably ways to not get them as much. I think it's best to try to ignore them
  4. welcome dork >:3c glad you're here now!!
  5. Heya! I'm more into writing short stories but I've been trying out poetry recently as well! I like poetry a lot since I used to be not that great it gsdfjsh
  6. heya welcome! i'm doing alright thank you for asking and hope you have a great day ovo
  7. i'm a very touchy and affectionate aro ghsdjfhsjhjsfh i like hugging anyone that might need one or just cause!
  8. thank you for the welcome both of you! actually i go by christian because i like the name and also i believe in God as well ghsdjfsh nblw is just short for a nonbinary person that's attracted to women and sapphic is another term for someone that's attracted to women as well!
  9. i can definitely relate. i actually had a hard time accepting and am still trying to accept that i'm on the aromantic spectrum as i didn't like the thought of not feeling romantic attraction and just wanted to cling onto that i can feel romantic attraction just like other people that feel romantic attraction. especially since i'm so into the concept of love and seeing well written romantic relationships on media and wanting to have something like that. please don't forget that you're not alone and im sending hugs your way
  10. heya! im christian, i'm 18, and i use they/them and any neopronoun sets really! i've been identifying as gray aromantic but i found out about idemromantic and that fits me a lot better ghsdfjh. quoiromantic is good, too. i'm also nblw/sapphic and nonbinary/agender/neutrois. i love video games and cartoons. i also love to draw and write and i'm currently learning chinese! i think i found this forum a couple days ago and am now really happy better discovering my feelings and that i'm on the aro spectrum. i'm only out to a couple folks and online as nonbinary and only my partner knows that i'm on the aro spectrum ovo
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