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  1. I like my shower hot though I know it's bad for skin. Butters (the ones from this store are awesome, especially aloe vera butter) moisturize my skin well, so it's okay.
  2. I like weddings as a celebration and cause I get the opportunity to spend time with friends and relatives and make new one (both friends and relatives haha). My sister got married last year, it was fun and cool, no-one annoyed me with questions. I liked the preparation, helping to choose a dress, a bouquet, a cake. Btw, sorry for the offtopic, this thing was really helpful for me https://www.poptop.uk.com/blog/wedding-bouquet-ideas-what-to-choose/. So, I like all this fuss, but being a bride? No thanks.
  3. "Vikings" is my favourite one and I will keep recommending it to each and every human being http://favoritetv.me/history/vikings/
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