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  1. Next meet: Sunday 28th November 2021, 1PM (UK time). The usual link at meet.google.com/qum-mmnd-xkw We'll be discussing a vlog, "No, Demi Isn't Normal" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWd8iSf_Vxw) It discusses demi, grey-attraction, sociatal and media ideas.
  2. Looking forward to seeing some of you tomorrow. Don't worry if you have struggled to listen to the podcast for any reason, it'll still be great to see you tomorrow if you can make it :-)
  3. Next Meet: Sunday 24th October, 1PM (UK time). The usual link at meet.google.com/qum-mmnd-xkw The podcast we'll be discussing is https://www.aokpod.com/e/9-key-honeymoon-time/ The guest being aro allosexual.
  4. The choice of dates for the October meet are 3rd, 16/17th, 23/24, 30/31 - all the usual time and link, so I'm generally quite flexible. Let me know ASAP. The podcast we'll be discussing is https://www.aokpod.com/e/9-key-honeymoon-time/ The guest being aro allosexual.
  5. To confirm, the next meeting is Sunday 19th September 2021, 1PM (UK time) The podcast under our scrutiny this month is https://soundsfakepod.buzzsprout.com/218346/2028372-ep-108-self-partnered At the usual link: meet.google.com/qum-mmnd-xkw
  6. I wasn't specifically talking about the ideals regarding sex before marriage, which obviously isn't specific to christian circles and is just one interpretive way of thinking. What I was specifically talking about is that often it's casual sex on one side, committed sex (be it verbally or marriage) wrapped up in romance on the other. I value sex with a partner who I trust, has built up my respect and I know I have built up their respect. I don't actually believe that the sex before marriage ideal solves anything that it is supposed to because it doesn't equate to this building up of care, trust and respect. I can't build this up in a casual relationship and for that reason see how the traditional opinion has come about however much I see the ideal as simplistic at best. But to have this "care and trust relationship" (which I'm going to call it), it always ends up implying romance or "sexual love" even in non-traditional circles actually. Also, even outside of traditional faith circles, romantic relationships can be very quick to expect sex before care and trust has built up. I remember being on OK Cupid and one of the questions said "how many dates would you need before you have sex?", the answers available where 1 up to 6+, which still isn't a lot in the case of care and trust!
  7. I'd particularly like to ask aromantic allosexuals who might be from a traditional cultural or religious background how you "make things work"? I'm starting to think that a lot of my head-spinning has been because, I value the committed sexual encounter due to my traditional cultural/religious leanings, but often the only option this comes with is excessively romantic-orientated as the only "respectable approach". I feel like I have to either sacrifice my aromanticism (which is unlikely to work unless I find a very understanding partner, and trying to find that generally in alloromantics is difficult), or sacrifice my sexual moral convictions that are important to me. So I was just wondering about others on here who might be in a similar boat? Note: This post isn't to discuss sex positivity or to attack anyone not from these traditional backgrounds, you are free to approach life by whatever values you feel deep down.
  8. What about Sunday 19th September, usual time and link? Otherwise I could do the 26th if the usuals object to the 19th! I'll stick with the Self Partnered episode at https://soundsfakepod.buzzsprout.com/218346/2028372-ep-108-self-partnered. Another interesting podcast episode has been recommended but I might save that one for future meets.
  9. I was having a look through and was thinking of this one: https://soundsfakepod.buzzsprout.com/218346/2028372-ep-108-self-partnered
  10. I was thinking of a podcast for next month's discussion. Before I choose one purely based on the title does anyone have any episode recommendations? The podcast websites that have been recommended on the docs file are below. Some titles look ace-specific instead, but there are aro-related topics on there. Regarding dates, at the moment I'm waiting on confirmation myself regarding another commitment, but please let me know if there's any particular dates or times that are really not good for you at the weekends in September. I can't promise to satisfy, but I'll do my best! https://www.soundsfakepod.com/ https://www.aokpod.com/
  11. The next meeting will be Sunday 15th August 1PM (UK) at the usual link pasted below. We'll be discussing the "Aromantic Manifesto", see the link above which should be a good discussion. Feel free to let other aros know about the meet. meet.google.com/qum-mmnd-xkw
  12. The next topic I suggest is "Thoughts on Aromantic Manifesto", which can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/158QOrwOUri07DxwkwbQQddFwDRJbq0iK/view It could be an interesting discussion! It will be at the usual Google Meet link. I suggest the weekend of Saturday 14th / Sunday 15th at 1PM UK time - if you have any urgent preferences of date please let me know! Though I don't know how much later in the day I can make it because there's a regular attendee based in Japan.
  13. Sunday 25th July 1PM (UK) meet.google.com/qum-mmnd-xkw Topic: "The Pride Conspiracy", "Abrasive", and "The Complexity of Human Decency" in the Book "Bones of Green and Hearts of Gold" which can be found at https://aroworlds.files.wordpress.com/2020/11/bones-of-green-and-hearts-of-gold-k.-a.-cook.pdf or https://www.patreon.com/posts/43665225 for the kindle or epub version. Feel free to make notes and questions of anything you'd like to discuss as you read them.
  14. Sunday 27th June 1PM (UK) meet.google.com/qum-mmnd-xkw Topic: "Building aro-friendly communities of care (or how to provide care to people who are not in partnerships/live alone/are single)". I feel that it could be an interesting topic because it possibly opens doors to supporting anyone who is single, and so could be a positive form of community aro awareness also.
  15. It'll be 1PM (UK) as I know there's people on different time zones.
  16. I'm just pasting from the Facebook group: "I’m just asking, is it not possible to have the meeting on Sunday afternoon instead? I totally understand if Saturday works better for the rest of you. I just thought there’s no harm to ask If Sunday doesn’t work for the rest of you, then it’s ok - I’ll just look forward to next meeting instead. " As far as I'm concerned I'm happy with this, but I thought I'd just give a little time for others to contribute?
  17. Regarding the pronouns, because the story was a fairy tail style it took me much longer to notice because at first I just thought it was just something to do with who / what the witch was. Half way through it clicked though, but it probably would have clicked much earlier if I wasn't in magical-mythical mindset! I was thinking of Saturday 26th June 1PM (UK) at the usual link for the next meeting? The topic on the docs list that intregued me was "Building aro-friendly communities of care (or how to provide care to people who are not in partnerships/live alone/are single)". I feel that it could be an interesting topic because it possibly opens doors to supporting anyone who is single, and so could be a positive form of community aro awareness also. What do you think? Sorry for the delay, a couple of things has meant a lot has been up in the air at the moment.
  18. @Holmboit is the same link as before, I try my best to keep the link active. For some reason your reply isn't coming up here but I received your comment on my email alerts. meet.google.com/qum-mmnd-xkw
  19. I've been making notes as I've been reading the stories, and then trying to read my scribble afterwards! I'm hoping to write down a few discussion questions before the event. If you fancy doing something similar, even if it's just one discussion question/prompt you bring to the event that is a significant topic for you, please note it down and bring it. Either that or let me know and I'll add it to my discussion questions and prompts :-)
  20. I've scheduled the next meet on Sunday 23rd May 1PM (UK time). This will be 8AM Eastern time. It'll be the same link. I suggest reading and discussing the first three stories: Bones of Green and Hearts of Gold, Monstrous, and The Vampire Conundrum. The second story looks tiny, hence choosing three. If we enjoy it and it goes well we can read the others at later dates. Note, if you prefer kindle or epub there's also downloads here of the book https://www.patreon.com/posts/43665225 Here's the meeting link again: meet.google.com/qum-mmnd-xkw See you then :-)
  21. Does anyone have any preference for topic for May's meet? I was thinking about choosing a story or two or more from https://aroworlds.files.wordpress.com/2020/11/bones-of-green-and-hearts-of-gold-k.-a.-cook.pdf (thanks to whoever put it on the google doc). I looked at the Aze journal but it seems much more asexuality based (though I do like much of the art work). What do people think? I'll have a closer look at the Aro Worlds pdf over the weekend (I'm busy tomorrow) to see how long the stories are. Or would people like a month or there's about from now to read them all and then meet to discuss? Unless anyone is desperate for another topic? 4 weeks will be weekend of 22nd/23rd May.
  22. meet.google.com/qum-mmnd-xkw (just in case you are struggling to find the link) I've just double checked the link to make sure it was still active, and it was, so see some of you tomorrow (11AM UK time). UnYoung kindly posted this link on the Facebook group that could be useful for the discussion tomorrow: https://lgbta.wikia.org/wiki/Tertiary_Attraction?fbclid=IwAR33Q-gMWOBjCruHI6lNrKLXl30FYbQjI2P6dP2DgwMH8x3LnUeo-ZbJAtM
  23. It might be a good idea to alternate between the two times to try to give a broader range for people. But if you can't sleep at 5AM you know where we are!
  24. OK, Saturday 10th April 11AM (UK time). Topic: Other forms of attraction that interplay with your aromanticism in life Link: meet.google.com/qum-mmnd-xkw
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