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  1. Hello, Probably a commonly stated phrase: I'm unsure. I feel sick at the idea of trying to be romantic with someone and can't imagine myself capable of that, but I also have social anxiety and can't imagine myself capable of having friends other than a few acquaintances. As for sexuality, it is a flip of a coin: sometimes the idea makes me sick, sometimes I'd want it. Suppose I'd just have to try and learn. The idea of having a partner to rely on for living together and financial support as like a friend is appealing though. Maybe even having a child. Again it is confusing: I can't right now be emotionally open or supporting, but seeing other people with that installs a sense of longing. The idea of overcoming my problems to have the above is motivation. So the question is: Does this make me aromatic, or romantic with social anxiety and emotional detachment? Is there a name for the sort of relationship described above?
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