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  1. welcome! I totally relate to the stress of trying to figure out which specific label fits best, and I wish you luck in finding labels that you're super comfortable with!
  2. welcome! we're glad to have you here!
  3. I think youtube videos are a great way to spread information! I know I always enjoy learning about other people's experiences, especially when they differ from my own, and I think that having people all across the romantic and sexual spectrums talk about their identities in a public place could be really helpful.
  4. valocity

    Body Mods

    I have two lobe piercings in each ear + a rook piercing in my left ear. I want to get a daith or tragus piercing in my right ear next, and I've been thinking about tattooing a ribbon/bow around my wrist Also, all of the mods in this thread sound super cool!!
  5. I relate to this a lot! I definitely share the fear of ending up alone in my adult life, and I really hate that so much of that fear is caused by the amatonormativity of society. I try and remain optimistic that I can find friends who will prioritize their friendship with me, or even a QPP as that's something I think I'd be interested in, but it's still scary to think about. The nice thing to remember, though, is that there are a lot of us in the same boat and that we have this community to help each other out
  6. Welcome! We're glad you're here
  7. Welcome! I totally relate to so many parts of this - faking crushes, constantly getting asked about my lack of romantic relationships, feeling uncomfortable when people have crushes on me. I'm glad you found this forum, and I hope it helps you understand all of this confusing stuff a little more!
  8. This is a really good point, thank you! I think I often need to remember that romantically coded actions don't have to take place in a typical romantic relationship!
  9. I can definitely relate to the pressure from society and parents! Great point!
  10. Sorry If there's already a thread like this on here; I searched but couldn't find one. So! Here we are! I have a question mostly geared towards non-romance repulsed aro people - do any of you ever wish you were in a romantic relationship? Personally, I am not romance-repulsed, and sometimes when viewing media with well-written romantic relationships, there's a part of me that wishes I could have that. However, I've never been romantically attracted to anyone, so I will never be able to have a traditional romantic relationship. While that's fine, and while I love being part of the aro community, I sometimes wish I was romantic. Has anyone else ever experienced this feeling?
  11. This is so accurate; one of the things that helped clue me in to the fact that I'm aro is that I was just alternating between bi and pan for a while. I eventually realized that I just felt the same about all genders, which is to say not interested at all! Flirting is also still a huge mystery to me haha
  12. I feel this so much! relationships do seem kinda fun, if not a little anxiety-inducing, but i’ve never actually had a crush or felt romantic attraction to anyone
  13. ahh thank you so much!!
  14. I totally relate to this! I can use the word love casually, like if I'm talking about food or a song, but I feel really weird when I say I love people.
  15. hi, i’m valentine, and i just found this site! i’m still pretty new to the aro community but i’m pretty sure i’m somewhere on the spectrum - i just don’t know how exactly where yet. i hope i can learn about other people’s experiences here and learn more about the aromantic spectrum in general if anyone has any advice for figuring out your romantic orientation or anything like that i’d love to hear it!
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