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  1. We're holding the conference in NYC because we, the organizing group, are located in NYC. But everyone is welcome to host their own conferences in other places. In fact, we encourage it!
  2. Ace & Aro Conference tickets are on sale now! This year, on June 29th, join us in New York City for a daylong conference dedicated to asexuality and aromanticism. Lunch is included! For more information, check out: https://acesnyc.org/ace-aro-conference-2019/ Buy your tickets here: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4093640 We can't wait to see you there!
  3. 2! And we've added more speakers--check them out here at our website! https://acesnyc.org/whos-coming/
  4. We did consider Elizabeth Brake, but we are trying to get speakers who identify as aro and/or ace before reaching out to others, and currently she doesn't seem to be working on any research regarding amatonormativity or a similar field. But we will keep her in mind just in case. But I do have good news: out of our 4 confirmed speakers so far, 3 are aro-spec!
  5. We'd love to get Bella DePaulo! We're keeping our fingers crossed that she'll be available! And thank you for the thread link--it was very helpful!
  6. Thank you for the suggestions! We'll look into them!
  7. Hi everyone, Thank you for your comments expressing your concerns. I'll address them below. You're right, we aren't an aromantic group, and that's why we aren't adding "& Aros" to our group's name, since we don't want to promise anything we couldn't deliver. Our Aces & Aros conference is a one-time special event for WorldPride. We're still an organization for asexuals, but since aromanticism was otherwise unaddressed by WorldPride events, we decided to also include aromantics in our conference, and that's why our conference is planning an full-day aro activities track for interested attendees. If you know of any aromantic groups holding events for WorldPride in New York City this summer, we would love to get in contact with them! Please message me with their contact details, since I haven't been able to encounter any as of yet. As for partnering with AVEN, we did so in order to secure a conference space--as small as we are, we weren't able to do so on our own because we lack nonprofit status. We would love to partner with a US-based aromantic organization as well; however, we couldn't find any. When attendees purchase tickets, we'll have a form question asking which topics they’re most excited to have discussions about, and through that, we'll be able to anticipate and plan for which aromantic-related topics people are most interested in talking about throughout the day. We'll use those replies to plan our aro-track schedule. We are also in the process of searching for aro speakers, and while we've found a few possible aroace speakers, we'd also like to find aro and allosexual ones to lead discussions and give presentations. We are focusing our search on people of color, since the ace and aro communities are thought of as mostly white. If you have any recommendations for speakers fitting that criteria, I'd appreciate hearing them. Thank you again for bringing up the issues you had about our conference. We don't want aromantic and a-spec attendees to feel like an afterthought, and your input will help us plan a better experience for everyone who comes.
  8. Hello! I'm an assistant organizer with Aces NYC, a Meetup.com group for asexuals in the greater NYC area. Since WorldPride is taking place in New York this year, along with the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, we're planning an Ace & Aro Conference to take place on Saturday, June 29th, the day before the Pride parade. We've found a location, so now we're fundraising to cover speakers, insurance fees, and other costs. We invite any aromantics and arospec people coming to WorldPride to save the date now; further information about ticketing and events will be forthcoming. We've set up a GoFundMe, and we'd greatly appreciate your support to help make this conference truly special. The link is here: https://ca.gofundme.com/world-pride-ace-amp-aro-conference-2019 Thank you! We hope to see you there!
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