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  1. I definitely never want kids, and I've known that for a while. It is in part due to my orientations - my transness rears it's head every now and then, and I'm unlikely to end up in a partnership where we both feel like we want to raise spawn - but I've been determinedly childfree long before I started questioning my orientations. I'm also tokophobic, as I found out after a wonderful nightmare a couple of years ago - the thought of giving birth makes me start to sweat, nauseous, and cry 0u0 I would occasionally feel guilty or conflicted over it, but a little while back I saw a good
  2. I drink and will get drunk semi regularly, and have been since well before I was legally allowed 0u0 (Thanks, Australian drinking culture) My friends and I tend to view it as a way to wind down and relax, and I find I'm more open socially it is the social lubricant when I'm drinking because it does lower barriers. I do need to moderate how much I drink (and if I do drink at all on occasion) when my medication changes though, because I end up on mood stabilisers/antipsychotics.
  3. I've been in semi QPR relationships before, as well as relationships we labelled QPR but they haven't gone anywhere. I'd definitely conisder pursuing them, and other types of partnership as well, to be honest, I have a tendency to think that the way we think of relationships is ill fitting for a lot of people so I'm definitely on board with team relationship anarchy, and defining your relationships only as you see fit.
  4. He was! I was so glad when I got to leave that job ahaha
  5. yeahhhh he very obviously had an idea that I was going to turn him down if he asked me out, so I'm not entirely sure why he thought conning me into a "date" would somehow be better
  6. lmao okay it doesn't want to WORK I will be a second okay apparently today computers do not wish to work for me: look at this link! Where my face is!
  7. Lmao, this is how I ended up in my last relationship. I had a bad day at work, and migrated across the way to the bar opposite us and proceeded to get roaringly drunk, drunk enough so that when a guy at the bar struck up a conversation about comic books I participated enthusiastically and even added them on facebook to chat later which I thoroughly regretted in my hungover state the next morning, because all I could really recall was that they dressed like a stereotypical "nice guy" and liked comics. Fortunately they were still pretty awesome even when I wasn't drunk, so when they asked me to
  8. I don't know if I'd call it synonymous, but I consider myself single up until the point that people affect the day to day living of my life, in the event we've specifically had a conversation discussing the ramifications of that and come to an agreement on what that means for each of us. Even when that happens, I'm still aro though I may not be "single", but I'm always single unless those very specific things happen, and in terms of my own self I remain a single unit, even if I'm not considered single by popular definition. (I don't even think that makes sense)
  9. Oh man these are sucky situations - I had one with a coworker back in 2012: Spoiler I had just started at a fast food restaurant and one of the guys there around the same age as me (I think like, seventeen to my recent eighteen or vice versa) took a shine. I was pretty much fine with it because I didn't realise at first why he kept paying attention to me, I was part of a large group of friends in high school and had generally considered myself bottom of the pack when it came to looks and desirability wrt romantic partners. (I was also still IDing as a
  10. I am one hundred percent for the abolition of marriage as a legal institution and the introduction of systems better suited for managing the things marriage takes care of, but as that's unlikely to happen anytime soon I would also one hundred percent take advantage of the system and marry platonically, fuck yeah. What's a wedding anyway but an excuse to eat a bunch of delicious food and request expensive gifts off your loved ones while looking fantastic? Fuck yeah, party of the century.
  11. I will one hundred percent kiss my friends if they're okay with it, leads to some confusion with other people but I don't mind that. To be honest the line between romantic and sexual for me is usually the context of what's happening. And a hell of a lot of trust in the other person and knowing what you're both pursuing.
  12. I thought I was a lesbian at age sixteen! Then I figured out I was neither a woman, or romantically inclined. I used to project crushes onto people and really build them up in my mind to "sell" them to myself
  13. Oh hey, this is totally me. I have a bunch of weird feelings towards sex a lot of the time, so I do choose to be celibate over potentially fucking up one of my friendships - had a couple of really good friendships get nearly ruined because of unreciprocated feelings/other people meddling, and so far everyone I've talked to about sex stuff has pretty much reacted in a way that makes celibacy a more logical choice.
  14. Hey I'm Morgan, call me Morgan or Mogseltof or Mogs, don't mind which. If you think you recognise my handle from somewhere else you probably do I use it everywhere. I was also active for approximately five minutes back on aroplane, hopefully I can now remember how to forum 0u0 I'm 21, aro wtfsexual, trans dude who slides into agender a lot. Talk to me about body mods, homestuck, a bunch of stuff I guess. Current reading list is 13 Agatha Christie novels and Terrier by Tamora Pierce for the fifth or sixth time.
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