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  1. I met this guy at my college who's pretty cool and easy to talk to, and we hang out a lot, and recently he's expressed an interest in dating me. Since I'm still trying to make sure the aromantic label fits me, and I'm not romance repulsed, I'm open to experimenting with romance to see if I do experience any level of romantic attraction. And if I had to pick any guy to try dating, it would probably be this guy because I feel pretty comfortable around him. So I'm not against the idea of dating him. But I'm wondering if it's unfair to "pretend" to be straight to try dating this guy when I'm
  2. I also have dreams about being in happy relationships, and these have caused me to question my orientation many times, but I've come to the conclusion that I'm still aro. I don't know what your dreams are like, but for me, these dreams include lots of cuddling and deep conversations, but nothing that is definitively "romantic." I also tend to dream more about the cuddling when I'm especially touch-starved. I think my dreams have helped me realize what I want in a relationship, which is close friendship with lots of physical affection. That being said, even if you are doing romantic
  3. sixteen candles. they spend the whole movie just getting to the point where they meet each other, and then they kiss after talking for like 30 seconds. how is that romantic? also definitely maybe. he's a complete idiot and douchebag, and she forgives him after he shows up years later and gives a halfhearted apology.
  4. usually I have the opposite problem, where I constantly have to remind my friends that I'm aro, and I come out over and over and over again to the same people. I wish my friends were a little more aware of my identity, but it sounds like your friends are hyperaware. I think a lot of times people walk on eggshells around people they don't want to offend because they don't understand them. Maybe just try to explain to them a little bit about what being aro is like, and give them some specific examples of what makes you uncomfortable and what you're fine with?
  5. @bydontost Thank you so much for clarifying some things!! I'm glad you actually know about this. I just did some brief google searches lol.
  6. So I'm always really confused about what the hell romance even is, so I decided to try to find out the history behind it. And the thing is, romantic love didn’t even exist as a concept for most of history? Ancient Greeks defined seven different types of love, none of which were romantic: eros (sexual love), philia (friendship), storge (familial love), agape (universal love aka altruism or charity), ludus (casual love, flirtation and no-strings-attached), pragma (practical love, like arranged marriages), and philautia (self-love). (x) The concept of romance w
  7. Jo March was, in fact, canonically aromantic. Louisa May Alcott was planning not to have her marry anyone, but, since her work came out in installments, her readers were furious with Alcott when Jo didn't marry Laurie, and they pressured Alcott into creating Professor Bhaer so Jo would be married "happily ever after." this article talks about it a little bit: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.indiewire.com/2018/05/little-women-jo-laurie-bhaer-changes-1201966711/amp/
  8. I feel this so much! I'm pretty, skinny, intelligent, and nice. And especially where I live, I'm seen as the type of "dream girl" everyone wants to date and marry. Every man who talks to me is trying to ask for my number or ask me out. I get catcalled and flirted with constantly, and I hate it. It all seems so fake and superficial. I really like experimenting with makeup, but I usually don't wear it in public in an attempt to avoid some of the attention I get. It doesn't work. I still get followed home when I'm not wearing any makeup. I still get asked out when I'm in a hoodie, makeu
  9. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (you may have heard people refer to it as the Mormon church, but we would like to keep the name Jesus Christ in the title when refering to it). My religion is very family-oriented, and it very much encourages dating and marriage. However, while the people of the church can be judgmental, I have never felt like the teachings of the Church in any way exclude or condemn me for being aromantic. I know that God made me the way I am, and his plan for me just doesn't include romance. The Lord has spoken to me a lot through prayer and re
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