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  1. Hello! So I have identified as gay for a while and struggled with it but finally came out to my friends and family. Now I’m realizing that I might have been conflating aesthetic attraction with romantic and sexual attraction and that I might be aroace. I only just came out to some of my friends that I was gay and I’m afraid to come out as aroace and have them think it’s a phase. I’m also afraid that if I do tell people and then realize that I was demiromantic or demisexual that they’ll feel like I was lying or trying to get attention. I told one of my closest friends that I was questioning if I was asexual or not and she wasn’t very understanding. She seems to think that I might be ace because I was raped when I was a teenager and that my “trauma damaged me and made me not want to have sex.” I guess I don’t really have to tell anyone but I feel like I’m lying to them. I guess I didn’t really have a question— I just didn’t have anyone to talk to this about so thank you for listening!
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