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  1. Hello! My local LGBTQ+ youth charity is looking to make a short resource on how health and education professionals can support LGB+ young people, particularly those who are questioning their orientation. For reference, they have already made an equivalent resource for supporting gender questioning young people, which includes basic information and tips on: pronouns and names, clothes and appearance, toilets and changing rooms, listening and communication, transitioning, confidentiality, transphobia, and a short glossary of terms. They are not currently explicitly inclusive of either ace or aro identities and none of the staff or volunteers are particularly educated on them as far as I know. So far the main points I want to bring up with them to add are, in rough order of priority: -- What aromanticism/the aromantic spectrum is, as well as and basic attraction theory. -- Brief overview of interpersonal and familial issues aromantic people may face. -- How mental health professionals and counsellors in particular can be supportive. Namely, aromanticism isn't a mental illness or personality disorder and seeking 'causes' for it is ultimately unhelpful at best. -- How professionals can use aromantic inclusive language, including using less amatonormative wording and comments, ensuring that people know it's alright to be aromantic. -- General questioning stuff which will probably be in there anyway: it's alright to change labels, providing young people with advice on how to healthily explore relationships and sexuality with an emphasis on not encouraging people to put themselves in uncomfortable situations to 'confirm' or 'fix' things (including setting boundaries, and both sexual and non-sexual consent). Etc. These are my ideas so far. However, I am but one aro and would like to see what others would most want to see about their identity in a basic resource. Any suggestions for the glossary, perhaps? If anyone has any ideas or questions feel free to add on.
  2. Also learning Japanese here and the words you're looking for are 無性愛者 (museiaisha) and 非性愛者 (hiseiaisha) which have the same definition as the loanword versions. Only difference is that I think these ones are slightly more formal/clinical (I tend to see 同性愛者 (douseiaisha) etc. in more formal writing), but I could be mistaken. Anyway, that's all I have to add...
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