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  1. I'm in the Eastern US time zone, GMT-4 I believe. In a couple months, with be moving one time zone to the west.
  2. I'm 32 and I was beginning to think there was no one in my age range on here. Hello you two!
  3. The reason it's so hard to pin down a definition is because it is an emotional experience and therefore it is subjective (subjective is still valid, but is not objective). Subjectivity means it is based on personal experience, such as your cultural, religious, family, or personal history. There can literally be as many definitions of romance as there are people on Earth. For me, I consider romance to be similar to a close friendship with the addition of components such as sexual and/or physical intimacy; passion; limerance; verbal, legal, or implied commitment; often an expectation of longevity; and the non-passive intent to be romantic. Obviously not all of these are required as would be the case in an asexual romance likely not including sexual intimacy. Or we can just decide to define it as lovey-dovey weirdness that none of us understand.
  4. I identify as Gray aro because I've been in romantic relationships and they're fine but I could really take them or leave them. They happen maybe once every couple years and last a couple months, maybe more, but like 5 months tops. By about 3 months in I'm kinda over it and don't want to be in the relationship anymore. Pre-label I used to think it was the whole 'he's just not the one' so why waste time. After labeling (aka my enlightenment) I realized I AM THE ONE FOR ME. And anyone else I spend a couple months with is just a nice soft romo fling (to be ethical, the other person involved is always aware of the short term nature of said relationship).
  5. I came out to my best friend via text (we live in different time zones and I knew it wasn't going to be a big ordeal). He googled the definition of aromantic, then replied "Now that I know what it is, I can't believe your picture didn't come up. That is so you." 3 days later I received a gift in the mail from him, a t shirt with 'NAH' printed in big aro flag stripes. One of my favorite shirts now. I haven't really come out as specifically aro to anyone else. My mom and dad know I don't plan on getting married even though they don't know the label. Other friends and family know I'm happy and date only occasionally and don't really think too much more about it as far as I know.
  6. YMBAI you've been in relationships and thought you were in love but then look back and realize you just thought that person was like cool and funny and that's not actually love according to allo-ros.
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