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  1. I specifically care about my looks, I have a unique style and that’s my way of practicing self love and confidence. I also do want people to be attracted to me, but only because I think that in order to be beautiful, other people must think I’m beautiful. But this is 100% false
  2. Yes! I currently feel like this...especially because I was recently broken up with for my lack of romance and affection. I’m learning to understand and identify with it because it is who I am and I need to take pride. but then there’s that part of me who blames myself. If only I was normal like everyone else, my relationship would’ve worked out
  3. I’m really bored and I thought it was interesting to tell you my journey on how I discovered im somewhat Aromantic or just Greyromantic. i had 4 relationships my whole life, and 3 of them were my fault. I was romantically distant. First, I dated my bestfriend but then we lost the contact, I’m pretty sure she wasn’t feeling it because she tried to breakup with me multiple times. My second relationship was really weird because I wanted an intimate bond and friendship but the girl was pretty quiet. Also, it was hard for me to keep a conversation flowing. I’m pr
  4. I really want one, I’m very amazed by it but in reality, it dosnt work like that for me . I can’t do romance, only sometimes
  5. I’ve been in 3 relationships, I’m greyaro. My first relationship was a small mixture of romantic attraction but mostly platonic because it was my bestfriend. My second relationship didn’t have any forms of romantic attraction , and if so it was only once. I had strong aesthetic attraction towards them. My last relationship was very strong aesthetic attraction and I’m not sure if it included some romantic attraction because I’ve never really felt it. We did some romantic things sometimes but most times I felt uncomfortable
  6. I’ve heard plenty of times that romance is what you think it is. So if you feel that there is no difference between a platonic relationship and a romantic relationship, then you can say romance means closeness and intimacy. It’s what you personally define it as
  7. When you think aesthetic attraction is having a crush on someone
  8. hello, I’m Lovely. 15 year old 10th grader from New Jersey. I love Starbucks, astrology, and lots of gay things lol. I don’t know where I lay on the aro spectrum but I may be Greyromantic. I typically don’t have romantic attraction nor perform romantic behavior. Although, sometimes I do feel the need and want to do romantic actions, it fluctuates here and there. I recently found out I was different when my partner told me they need more intimacy. I always feel uncomfortable with holding hands, kissing, etc. With my past relationships I’ve been like that too and kind of
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