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  1. I've never been in a romantic relationship before. I've been asked out many times in my life. Most of them were friends. And I ended up immediately feeling uncomfortable with each one of them, and started avoiding them. It was after the last one that I realized that I was aromantic.
  2. QPR - A committed lifelong platonic relationship with one or more people. I.e. a life partnership. May or may not be sexual. If I ever entered a QPR, it would be non-sexual (I'm ace), and most likely exclusive. I think of it as, a best friend you want to spend your life with (platonically), and share your finances with (i.e. sharing rent and bills). (I have a friend that I've discussed with about entering a QPR with but we've decided to hold off for now) Squish - a platonic infatuation with another person. A strong desire to be close, special, and important to them. An intense desire to get to know them. Without any sexual or romantic feelings. Not just wanting to be someone's friend, but wanting to be someone's *best* friend and a close confidant. (Yes, I've experienced this a couple times, and for one of them, I did build a close relationship with, and we are still best friends to this day) I only feel squishes towards people I don't know that well yet. Generally I feel this way towards people that I think have an admirable quality. I don't feel squishes for friends I already have and got to know gradually (that doesn't mean I love them any less)
  3. You sound a lot like me. When I feel things for people, especially for my close friends, I feel it very strongly, very intensely. To some people, it would seem I'm romantically in love, but I'm not. I'm just platonically in love with them. I have 3 friends I feel this strongly for, and I tell them I love them all the time. I get all emotional and stuff with them, and sometimes I can even feel slight possessiveness and jealousy (not much, but on occasion), but I know I don't feel it in a romantic way. I also tend to express my love for them frequently, by drawing them things and sending them nice messages. If I could hug them, I would (we are online friends). I chalk this up to this just being my personality. I'm an INFJ, and I take my relationships very seriously. However, as an aro, it's completely platonic. One of my friends I felt especially attached to, and for awhile I considered if I may be romantically in love with her (since I don't really know the difference). But nope. I'm beginning to think there is no such thing as "romantic" feelings. Your feelings are only romantic if you chose to view them that way. If you believe your feelings to only be platonic, then that's what they are. Also, good for you. I'm glad you can have a friend like that. Friends are the best.
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