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  1. Lots of characters fit the threshold for Aros in media. I'm thinking of Pidge Gunderson form the Voltron Reboot, who I totally see as Aro/Ace. For one they wear the Aro flag colours, and they don't have any relationships in the show or any 'crushes' (Unless you count their love of science). They are a great character and though they don't explicitly come out as Aro, do they still count as a kind of representation? I feel they do, because even one character breaking that expectation for everyone to need to be in a relationship means that aro people and people figuring out that their aro can see
  2. I identify as Asexual, and Gay, but i'm wondering if I could be Aromantic? Now heres the kicker, I have a date, a 'Non-Binary friend' as I shall call them, as we are both gender non-binary. I was reading and some of the things that come up here apply to me- I.E. not seeing much point in romance stories in media, not being attached to romance in general, not understanding typical romance or why everyone does it. Not seeing the point in having a date of the opposite gender when I was young. Now I have a 'Non-Binary Friend' and we are the most awkward people, truly. Our re
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