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  1. I don’t believe so. Once people have an understanding of your orientation, they don’t seem to care anymore
  2. @kernsing If you don’t know, identify with the one that makes the most sense to you at the moment. Discovering your identity is often times a process that needn’t be rushed. You honestly don’t even have to live a life of labels and “discovered identity” if you don’t want to. You can just do what you feel is right for you without worrying about the complications
  3. Grayro was an old label which is why I was speaking from experience. I’m aro, just not a gold star aro. I don’t experience romantic attraction and don’t associate my romantic orientation with any gender. I’m just pretty sure I’ve experienced romantic attraction once in the past like 10 years ago I’ve went through the label and I’ve been listening to people to several people who have kept the label and this stance is my conclusion So you’re trying to say that mental disabilities are a social construct The flag was a small thing and either way, gay men don’t seem to have a specific word or flag to represent their entire community. It’s just the rainbow flag but that’s used by other queer folks and “gay” but other queer folks use that too. Why do I need to know the history of the spectrum idea and what is the history? I’m listening
  4. Are you claiming that I’m saying grey identities don’t exist at all? Because that would be false I used my reasoning to reach that conclusion. If it doesn’t exist, how could it have a grey area or a spectrum? The grey area is of romanticism, not aromanticism. “Grey-romantic”
  5. I’m not trying to make anyone feel unwelcomed, I’m just saying that you can’t have a grey area of a non-existent attraction. The grey area would be of romanticism
  6. I’m giving a perspective in response to what they described. Please hop off my case
  7. My belief is that this makes you more aro than greyro. Greyromantics experience romantic attraction and you don’t. You’ve experienced it before but you don’t anymore which would make you aromantic which would also be more a lot more practical of a label. I’m speaking from personal experience That statement makes absolutely no sense
  8. I admit, I’m uneducated on the flag topic That’s like me saying “nothing makes you mentally disabled except identifying as it.” There’s a truth to all these things and we often go through many labels to get closer to that truth Yes, I see all of those as alloromantic. They just experience their romantic attraction differently from the majority of alloromantics. This is why it makes sense for these people to have labels such as “demi-biromantic” or “gray-heteromantic” because it says that you experience romantic attraction to these people but in an irregular fashion. I also believe that these irregularities can most definitely be very isolating so it makes sense to include them as members of the aro community
  9. I like this survey right here, it’s very easy to understand and receive useful results from
  10. I did that to be specific because everyone is calling themselves gay these days and it’s like they’re having gay men be the representation of the entire queer community. Even their flag is being used to represent everyone. And it’s not about that, it’s that it’s an example. Monoromantic isn’t a spectrum because if you like more than one gender romantically at all, that would make you biromantic. Aromantic isn’t a spectrum because if you like any gender romantically at all, that would make you non-aromantic or “alloromamtic” Yes, I’ve been saying that “alloromantic” is the spectrum. And yeah, everybody is on some type of spectrum but you can’t say “straight is a spectrum because each one of them experiences a different frequeny of attraction from another.” That’s a spectrum everyone is on from the aromantic on the nonexistent romantic attraction dot of the spectrum to the biromantic on the very frequent romantic attraction area on the spectrum. And yes, the label is up for you yourself to decide whether it’s accurate or not. People grow to find their more accurate label. There’s also the situation of what’s a more practical label for your everyday life in which I’m in full support of being practical. Practicality, I’ve found, actually makes the most sense in determining what’s aromantic and what isn’t
  11. Still wish we didn’t call this a “spectrum.” Homo oriented people don’t call themselves a spectrum and neither do straight people so it makes sense for us to follow the same trend
  12. I’m just like, yeah I’m technically single but it’s not like I want a romantic partner anyways so like
  13. Squish and QPR’s are unrelated. It’d just be nice if your QPP was also your squish. So yes it can definitely be with someone else. Some people do say they have desires towards specific people to be in a platonic partnership with them but it doesn’t make the person their squish. Having a squish also doesn’t mean you desire to pursue a platonic partnership with them
  14. 1. Commitment and vulnerability 2. You’d be a lucky son of a gun if you got into a platonic partnership with your squish 3. I haven’t. I just wanted me and my squish to be best friends who hang out often 4. I want a platonic partnership of physical intimacy, emotional closeness, and a cure to boredom/loneliness. I also wanna show off my partner to people I know, especially my parents
  15. I found the thought of aro sexuals not existing to be quite funny. I’ve heard a good amount of songs where the rappers talk about screwing a bunch of women but never been love before. Then there’s this whole hookup culture America has going on where a great percent of the population does not want to commit, they’ll just want to have sex often and never be bound to one person. There’s got to be a good amount of aromantic sexuals in there that just think they’re heteronormal because of their sexual desires
  16. [Fixed the typos in my original post if there was any confusion]
  17. Not always. Most of the time when I’m platonically attracted to someone personally, it’s based off of aesthetic attraction
  18. Romantic attraction is a desire to express your love for a person through intimacy under a partnership. Platonic attraction is a desire towards a person to be someone important in their life. Platonic attraction is a whole lot weaker than romantic attraction and is more along the lines of either “I should talk to this person because they look like someone I could be friends with” or “I should get to know this person better and be closer in their life.” Emotional attraction is a pull towards a person because of your appreciation for their personality. A squish is basically platonic and emotional attraction together plus an obsession for the person it’s towards. To me, your situation seems like a confusion of sole platonic attraction for squishes and that you just have a squish on your partners. It’s up for you to analyze and decide though
  19. I don’t really describe myself as any as I don’t particularly care about that label anyways. I just don’t think I’d be able to function in a relationship with someone who’s in love with me because I wouldn’t be able to give them what they want or live up to their expectations. It’d be one of those situations of like an asexual & sexual relationship where the sexual is dwelling in sadness because their partner being asexual makes them feel unwanted. I couldn’t keep up and a relationship with a romantic would likely ware me out to the point where I need to escape
  20. This poll seems really difficult to receive meaningful results from What I want is a partner that’s more like a best friend than anything but that I can lean and lay on, feel comfortable hugging, and cuddle to sleep really (I’m homosensual and aro ace). We do everything together and possibly adopt kids together. I also want someone healthy looking that I’ll feel proud of to introduce to my family so it would also be nice if he isn’t the introverted type who makes every social situation awkward
  21. I always say that and then people respond with telling me that I’m smart for not doing so 😂 but I think the easiest way to come out in terms of aromanticism is to say “I don’t fall in love” because it leaves no room for interpretation
  22. Lol my bad, I jump the gun a lot It’s hard to say considering that labels are complicated as we have all different confusing circumstances such as people only attracted to cars, people only attracted to androgyny, etc. What I will say though, is that some people identify in ways that really don’t match what their actual experiences are and there might be a better (non-micro) label that would work better than what they’re using. Whether this is out of ignorance, a different perspective, or an attention seeking mindset
  23. I’ve experienced platonic atrraction a few times and I hate that the OP is confusing it for squishes (which I’ve had twice). They’re very distinct feelings even thought I think a squish is platonic attraction plus a large emotional attraction. Platonic attraction for me was looking at a person who was pretty interesting/attractive looking and the first thought to mind is ‘I should walk up and get to know them.’ That’s pretty much it. I suppose in a case where I’m already friends with them, it would be ‘I need to hangout with you more.’ But in both cases, it’s an instinct rather than a want. My squishes are literally friend obsessions. They make me clingy and I’m thinking about them a lot to the point where I start dreaming about them on a consistent basis (I don’t desire to have romantic relations with my squish though). I can’t say I have or haven’t experienced “queerplatonic attraction” but I would love to have a relationship like that one day to express my sensuality
  24. Then you have people such as myself looking to understand everything there is to know about the subject so they spend about 6 hours a day trying to piece everything together questioning anything that doesn’t make sense in relations to other pieces of information. Eventually they put their knowledge to the test resulting in conversations about questions they couldn’t answer themselves and the help of having conversations with people who have been on the site for over a decade as well as people of all different unique experiences eventually answering all questions they’ve had and fallacies they’ve noticed. They continue to work with the site helping several other people make sense of it all themselves and are open to any person who can give them a new perspective that actually makes sense
  25. Ohhhh yeah, I know this. I have a really bad habit on here of wanting to say “sexual” because of making so many post on AVEN. I was also just saying “such as” meaning that I’m talking about any micro label related to sexuality or romanticism
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