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    Sir Epic Dank Meme Lord
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    Apparently Eric, According to the Chat
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    Aromantic or Gray-Aromantic
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    Potato Gender
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    Surviving Through High School (Previous Goal: Survive Until High School Successful)

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Discord is Spudkip#4323


Hey, aromantic or gray-aromantic ace here! I found this site through AVEN. I am not sure if I'm aromantic, but I am very sure that I am not alloromantic so far. Anything could happen, but this place is great, so I feel like sticking around :) I'm so happy to have found a forum specifically for this rather than asexuality, so yay! Also I like the dank meemeez in the discord chat. My profile is kind of boring right now, but I'm happy that there's already a few members on here I can probably relate to.



-Youngest member I knew of (for a while) until 5/31/16

-Established CAPSLOCKIA colony and World of Text

-Came up with ice cream meme

-Most posts for some time

-Most awesome member


Random List of Some Media I Dig (Probably missing a lot):

Breaking Bad

The Good Place

Parks and Recreation

Persona 5

Ace Attorney



Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The Sims 4

Fire Emblem

Life is Strange




Pretty much any musical


Aliases: Epic Potato or Epic Pengu


AVEN Profile


Join the Spudpocalypse!




Full title:
"Eric" the Awkward Alingual Aromatic Agnostic Atheist Apathetic-gender Amazing Arachnophobic American Alien Fangirling Arrow Ace Sir Epic Dank Meme Lord Spud, Also Known as Zminac the Llama-tato in Pajamas, With the Manaphy Avatar, Discoverer of the Bacon Cat Theorem, Prime Minister of CAPSLOCKIA, Originator of the Ice Cream Meme Machine, Part Time Penguin, and Leader of the Spudpocalypse.

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