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  1. Rohan sensei from JoJo as aro/ace obliously. Manga > stupid human interactions I also headcanon Kira as grayro (I really do believe that he almost fell for Shinobu) and Jonathan as graysex. Never thought about the rest tho
  2. YMBAI you just don't understand why people enjoy kissing. Really wtf it's so weird. I tried it couple of times. It's like eating a slug YMBAI you pretend that love stories from songs/books/films/videogames are about Very Close Friendship YMBAI you got used to saying that you're too young for relationships but now you're in your 20s and why do people around you are getting married we're just kids wait
  3. It turned out that im the only Russian here in this topic haha. In this case, я рада приветствовать вас, мои аромантичные друзья🐀, обнимашки-целовашки и всё такое прочее, надо ведь что-то мне на русском написать, чтобы вы переводили и насладились заодно прекрасными славянскими буквами Its real problem for me to write comments at forums like this. Im very afraid to make some kind of mistake and look stupid, so im forced to recheck almost every word i write Btw im also study German (well at least try to). Know it at level "Ich heiße Helga", "Ich will sterben", "Ich habe Kopfschmerzen, denn ich habe einen Kater". But its only the beginning i hope cause im dying to visit Germany some day.
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