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  1. I think I was in 4th or 5th grade when Titanic came out and all the girls were obsessed with it. My friends kept dragging me to see it while it was in theaters for way too long, and I remember all my friends talking about how it was so romantic that Jack gave up his spot (and life) on the floating wood to save Rose’s life. But I distinctly remember being mad at Rose and Jack because to me it was simple, that piece of wood was certainly big enough to keep them both moderately floating until help arrived. I thought Jack was stupid and Rose was selfish and uncaring. If they really loved each other in any sort of way, even platonically, they would have tried to do what was best for both of them. I realize now why my brain saw the problem in a logical way and not in the romantic light that my friends did. 🙃
  2. YMBAI you have literally run away the first time you realized a super friendly person you were chatting with was hitting on you and you had no idea what to do and panicked. YMBAI the only part about your wedding you were able to imagine as a kid was the exotic honeymoon, and for some reason the new spouse is always MIA.
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