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  1. I love the way you worded this. I'm having an issue similar to op right now, cause I, an aro/ace female, get along with guys better then I do with other girls and theres a serious repercussion because once I get close to the guys in my friend group, they just want to date. Never wanting to hurt them I dont exactly give a straight answer but when I do. I loose a valuable friend and it hurts, because I know they are hurting and I dont want them to, but theres nothing I can do to stop this without either flat out saying I'm aro/ace and outing myself to a non inclusive school or pretending to go along with it, hurting everyone in the process... I just want it to stop.... I'm proud to be ace but im running out of options....
  2. My, friend it thick and im trying to explain asexualtiy and aromanticisum to him but he doesnt get it... how should i explain it? Hes a straight morman guy.
  3. @HotRamen .0. if i may ask, where in oregon! im from junction city
  4. Dang, im from Eugene OR, but i was born and raised in Davenport, WA, down next to spokane! it would be great too meet more people around the area though.
  5. So I havent found anyone in my area ish (pacific northwest) so I wanted to put this forward to try and see if theirs anyone over here!
  6. so, im Evelyn, Ev is fine but I was googling stuff cause i was bored and this poped up so here i am!
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