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  1. I've only just joined so this may already be a thing but I just wanted an area full of hints and tips for newly come out aros from experienced aros! I'm a pretty young aro myself and it's always been difficult navigating life when you're following a wildly different path to the people around you, so some advice from 'established aros' would be cool : ) I thought it might also help out others, so I made it a whole forum as opposed to just a status update or something
  2. Wow!! I played horizon for a really long time and I always loved it because it featured essentially a career-focussed woman as the strong hero! Tbh I never really connected her with aromanticism but that's because I'm an aro nerd who is completely oblivious to all forms of romance but seeing her as aro just makes my heart sing, she's got such major aro vibes will still being such an icon and badass 😁
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