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  1. Rewatching Pokemon is pretty great, and unless I'm missing something in the later seasons - ASH KETCHUM
  2. ISTP. Usually I'm the only sensor in forums, glad to see it's a bit more of a mix in that department here!
  3. I'll be in Wolvo soon if that's in any way convenient - but right now London is my best option.
  4. Wahey now I don't feel obliged to sign up to AVEN. Although I don't specifically need a place to vent - most of my friends are very accepting that sex isn't for everyone. (Romance and coupling up and ~true love~ not being for everyone is still a bit alien, though - guess that's why I want to be here and not AVEN, despite being more solidly ace than aro.)
  5. Ah! Maybe it's just because I know so many EU citizens who've come over, but I have many British friends who are talking about forming marriages of convenience with them as a ticket back into the EU. Not particularly serious, but I'm still enjoying the discussions. Myself, I'm waiting for Scotland to hold its inevitable referendum, break away and push its way back into the EU, as I'm certain I would get dual citizenship under whatever rules they decide and continue my dream of country hopping. The other half are taking a sudden interest in their Irish ancestry. You know you only ne
  6. On the plus side, I've never seen so many people consider platonic marriages. On the negative side, literally everything.
  7. I do drink socially. Sometimes I even have a nice cider or baileys at home. It's just standard to meet friends at the pub, and there are many drinks I like the taste of. I feel like English pub culture is more acceptable and relaxed than American bar culture (quietly ignoring our binge drinking problem). I could be wrong.
  8. Hey there! Welcome to Arocalypse! I want to start a small collection of succulents myself because all these pictures of them in cute planters look lovely, and I don't have a garden any more and miss growing stuff ... but apart from an aloe vera I haven't started at all! I can't find where to buy them irl and the choice online is so overwhelming! Are they difficult to grow from seed?
  9. Duolingo is my jam, along with Memrise and Clozemaster. I'm profteak on all of those if anyone wants to add me and FIGHT Native English speaker who is focusing on Dutch, occasionally flirting with Norwegian, while also trying to improve upon the French basics I picked up but didn't do anything with. I'd like to learn BSL and maaaybe expand on my weeaboo stage Japanese. I love love love languages but my anxiety prevents me from using and improving them and I really need a boot up the ass.
  10. Team Anarchy \o/ I always felt close to the poly community, but I can barely handle one relationship, let alone multiples. I just steal the "do relationships however suits you" ethic. QPRs sound great! But going around doing my own thing also sounds great, I'm flexible.
  11. I'm concerned about the inevitable rise in the already prevalent Islamophobia and the shifting of blame onto them, while plenty of (presumably white Christian) people are saying "at least it was just a bunch of sinners". I'm concerned about the effect it will have on other gay bars, pride, and the like. Are we going to see a decline in LGBT+ folk feeling safe in large numbers? Who is going to gather when the idea that someone is capable of coming to shoot them for their sexuality/gender/etc is so fresh and obvious? We need to stand strong, but it's scary. It's also come
  12. Hey! I keep admiring your profile picture. Welcome to the forum! I'm fascinated by how other languages are smashing the gender binary, successful or not, though it has been a long time since German was on my radar. I'm a creative too, off to uni to study Illustration in three months aaaaaaaa. Dutch does this too for "the girl" - "het meisje". In this case it's because it's a diminutive word that became standard, and all diminutives are neuter, because reasons. It also has the she/they being the same word problem. One time I got incredibly drunk and m
  13. Oh hah yeah I'm a small hungry cat. Sorry for being a bit unhelpful there.
  14. Hi friends Spoiler but also hi friends Spoiler
  15. I thought I hated hoovering until I found this gorgeous grey and blue monster, fantastic suction, picks up all the shed hair. You'll change your mind later, you just have to find the right model, trust me! (Ok I never hated vacuuming but I just needed to gush about my new hoover, because apparently I live an exciting life.)
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