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  1. Like John Rando posted, this sounds a lot like Fraysexual but if you feel that doesn't quite fit you I'd also look into Anegosexual. At the most basic, it means you can fantisize about people or things that are sexual in nature but have no interest in the act of sex itself.
  2. I've felt this way a couple of times too but in my case, I'm just aro, not ace. I've thought about it a lot and I think I've figured out what caused these feelings (for me at least). What I found helped was separating "love" into different kinds of love. I think it could be different for everybody but I personally have created the groups familial, platonic, romantic, sexual, aesthetic, celebrity, inanimate, and fandom love. What I found was happening was I was feeling platonic love (I wanted to be their friend), sexual love (they were hot), and aesthetic love (they looked nice) all at the same time but due to the combination of these types of love in common media and the fact that many of them don't have set boundaries and could overlap, I had thought I was feeling romantic love. How you approach the situation from here is your choice, I guess. You could become closer friends but not go any further than that or pursue a relationship but make sure they know how you feel on the matter or whatever makes you comfortable!
  3. My friend and her girlfriend are always really couple-y at school. They're really good about not being the stereotypical making out in the hallway kind of couple but it can still get pretty awkward for me. This past week, I was invited to join her, her girlfriend, and another couple to hang out and eat before HoCo. I was going to suck it up and go but then another group approached me with their plans: just the 4 of us as friends having a good time before the dance. I didn't realize how much I wasn't looking forward to being 5th-wheeled until I was given a way to get out of it. I kinda feel bad for not going with her since she asked me first but I think the positives way outway the negatives: I would have been a ball of anxiety all night.
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