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    Who knows? Not me! Maybe I'm aro though?
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  1. I'm the same on AVEN, cierrajasminej
  2. @Spirit of God Yea I think I do remember seeing "The Angel of Eternity" around AVEN before, cool seeing you again! And thanks everyone for the welcome!
  3. Hiya everyone! Ok, so I'm not really sure if I belong here or not yet. I was on AVEN since like, April, but I honestly have no clue about who I am, or at least who I like. I started thinking I might be aro a little while back? Basically, because heteronormativity (and wow, anything that happens "because heteronormativity" is probably not a good thing), I obviously assumed I was straight, but "stunted", like a late bloomer. Then I decided I must be Demisexual/Demiromantic, because I've never been attracted to someone except for like, purely platonic "I want to friend that person". I researched
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