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  1. I think of the relationships of numbers a lot, so it might not work out for everyone. The most common method I use is to multiply one of the numbers by the nearest multiple of 10 then add the rest. For example, 32 x 73 I'd do 30 x 73 = 2190 (since 73 x 3 is 219) then add another 146 for 2336. I'd then verify that by noting that 73 is close to 74, and 2400 would be 32 x 75 because one-quarter of 32 is 8 and 8 x 3 is 24, and 75 is three-quarters of 100. I pay special attention to increased powers of 2, and since 32 is 2^5, I think about it more and notice more patterns than other numbers.
  2. I usually tell people to give me random two-digit numbers and I multiply them within a couple seconds. Then I outline the logic I used to get there and people's eyes gloss over.
  3. I like cuddling with dogs and very, very few people. Hugs are fine. Kissing can be fun sometimes, usually when I'm drunk.
  4. I can multiply numbers pretty quickly.
  5. Spoiler This is what I look like when I'm trying to distract myself from betraying friends.
  6. I feel vastly outnumbered here I drink a fair bit, not always to get drunk though that's sometimes the aim. It helps loosen me up, and when consumed correctly it elevates my mood too.
  7. I think as people get older and go through more experiences, especially bad ones, they adjust their outlook in ways that can accommodate QPR kind of relationships. For example, if a romantic person is married for 20 years and goes through a devastating divorce, she might adapt to her new life better by living with a friend or relative, and if that works out really well she may not need a romantic partner to feel fulfilled. (I know relatives aren't really QPRs, but they're essentially the same if you agree to function as a single household.) This has happened to a couple people I know, who have
  8. I can still get quite sensitive at times, but I think one major difference is that I'm far more forgiving and don't hold grudges (generally). I suppose that romantic people have much more vulnerable parts of them intertwined with other people, so if things end poorly it might be far more damaging to ever associate with them again. Because I'm not inclined towards relationships in the least, I don't need to think of myself as part of a unit in which the actions of other parts are accountable to me. If that makes sense.
  9. I'm really good at sensing chemistry between people, and I think my arocity improves upon that because I'm fairly detached.
  10. Apparently I'm an awful aro because I've really enjoyed the company of certain people in a distinct way. I write a fair bit of fictional romance - not the genre, but just as a part of the lives of fictional characters I create. Through the above, I can actually understand a lot about romantic feelings. I like flirting and being charming and catching the attention of a certain calibre of person. I occasionally like to humour the idea of dating.
  11. I had crushes on people, but I never actually wanted anything to come from them. It wasn't out of a fear, because many of these people were my friends. I just didn't like the thought of being in a relationship with anyone. I always thought it was funny that people pursued their crushes, or at least I couldn't quite understand why they'd be so bold.
  12. I have zero interest in downloading the patch for the glitch of feeling no love. Who's to say it's a glitch anyway?
  13. People can definitely develop romantic feelings well into a friendship even if they had no intention of it, sex or not. I think a lot of it has to do with not feeling completely fulfilled in life in general, and developing feelings towards people who are already contributing something valuable to their lives. There's already admiration/appreciation/compatibility in there, and we often find ways to apply what we already have to growing needs.
  14. What are other kinds of dates that you can do on your own?
  15. Frequently, but, you know, doesn't "masturdating" seem kinda weird having "turd" in it?
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