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    Aromantic; possibly homoromantic
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    Being told aromanticism is a Tumblr

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  1. Um I have a crush on another girl ... I guess I should get off here now so i guess i’m homoromantic
  2. I never got why there was so much kissing and love in books. When I was little, I loved books. Loved loved loved loved books. As I got older, I still had my love for books but was noticing they were saying things like “our lips touched” and “I pressed my mouth against his/hers.” I didn’t get it; what was the big deal with kissing and romance?
  3. A boy at my school likes me, what do I do ;-;
  4. Hi! I’m Katto! I just joined here, because I heard about Arocalypse on AVEN. Nice to meet you guys! I’m asexual/aromantic.
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