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  1. welcome! :) being aro is definitely more confusing than being ace for me too. i question my aromanticism somewhat often, though less so lately, but i've been pretty set in my aceness for years now. also i pretty much did the same exact thing re: signing up ages ago, lurking, and then forgetting my account existed haha.
  2. hello everyone! i've had this account for years but only ever really lurked because i'm an incredibly socially anxious and introverted person, but i figured i'd finally take the plunge and introduce myself because i'd really like to find some fellow arospec friends! my name is rach (or ray, either is fine) and i'm aroace (technically aroflux i think) and nonbinary. some of my favorite things are photography, art, music, video games, cats, and traveling/exploring! i'm not sure what else to write really, but i look forward to interacting more with this forum! 💚
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