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  1. Being a romance-repulsed aro, I am not seeking relationships, marriage, or sex right now. Plus, my experience with possible relationships were not so favorable. A girl bullied me after she claimed to like me and then rejected me for basic friendship. I'm just not ready for any relationships. I prefer my cat and a large plushie of my favorite video game character for companionship; they don't lie, cheat, steal, or otherwise judge me for who I am.
  2. No. My body cannot physically take the stress of a relationship, nor can I ever trust people enough to get close to them. There was a girl in high school named Emily who claimed she liked me, only to reject me for friendship because she had a boyfriend. She then proceeded to spread violent rumors about me and made two years of First Robotics a living nightmare. She spread violent rumors about me, one claiming that I would beat up her boyfriend and another one claiming that I would kill my whole team on a robotics trip. The mentors ignored me, Emily's friends taunted me, and the whole team shied away from me. One of the catalysts that made me an aromantic. Plus, I've got a cat and few plushies. Why would I waste my time and energy on a relationship?!
  3. I hold a bit of a grudge towards romance as I am romance-repulsed. I was bullied pretty badly by a girl who claimed she liked me in high school, and I'm not taking my chances on dating sites due to romance scammers. And with my anxiety, I don't think my body can handle the stress of a romantic relationship. As for sex, I've never done it with anyone, but if I really need to do it with someone, I'll just get one of those silicone "love dolls." There again, I enjoy being single as I've got a cat and a few plushies to fill in the void of a girlfriend. If only I had a way to get my grievances off my chest without being chastised or told off for it. It's been bothering me for 8 years, and my own family doesn't seem to fully understand.
  4. I have anxiety & Asperger's, and I'm pretty sure I'm a romance-repulsed aromantic. I've never been in a relationship at all, and I was viciously bullied by a girl who claimed she liked me while I was in high school. I don't ever talk about love and sex with my family anymore; I get the same old "you just haven't found the right person yet" this, or "you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself" that. And I'm scared what they'll think of me whenever I do decide to come out as an aromantic. Even though I'm straight, I have since banished romance from my life. Plus, my anxiety can be very bad, and I don't think my body will be able to handle the stress of a relationship, let alone a marriage with or without kids. I've got a cat and a few plushies; I'm good.
  5. Misconceptions that I've heard, from my own personal experience: "You just haven't found Mrs. Right yet!" "You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself." "You're not ready for a relationship." "Do you like both girls and guys then?" "You'll think differently about this if a girl came up and asked you out on a date." "Love will come around when 'the time is right.'"
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