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  1. @Spirit of God I do want to tell him, becuase he is generally pretty educated and rational on these topics. Im just worried that if he isnt into it we will stop talking all together
  2. I have a pretty strong lush on my friend and am worried that he’ll think it’s weird. Should i tell him? If so, what do I say? also,,, why does my brain decide,, « it doesn’t matter if u have other friends who already cuddle with u u need t h is o n e »
  3. That sucks. are they understanding people? if they are, then maybe introduce them to the idea of aro/ace people, not necessarily coming out to them yet. Depending on their reaction, you could go from there.
  4. Whats the difference between platonic and romantic love? Not familial love vs romantic love, i get the jist of that. Im hoping that understanding the difference might help me understand my own orientation.
  5. people just not understanding that not all aros are romance repulsed. while some are, a person's attraction has nothing to do with their personal view on romance or relationships.
  6. thank you for all the replies! as someone who doesn't experience attraction of this type, it saddens me that romantic love isn't something ill likely experience. Then again, idk the difference between platonic and romantic love so maybe i'll be fine!
  7. like the title says. I’m curious if anyone knows the history of the name?
  8. banned for trying to stop new people from having fun here
  9. I’m a bit confused becuase of mixed messages on the interwebz about wether or not aromantic people can fall in love. My personal thoughts on this are that attraction is different than love so they can? not in a platonic way but like a way of bonding caring about and knowing the person without nessisarily having that initial attraction. (or is that only possible for demiromantics?)
  10. 1. "I enjoy fictional romantic relationships and would like to experience the same kinds of feelings" Yes, i enjoy reading romance. 2. "I like nearly everything about romantic relationships but do not experience romantic attraction" I have always been interested in romance and wanted a relationship but beyond a basic objective and rational liking to the person, i don’t feel romantic attraction towards anyone i’ve ever dated. 3. "I would like to be in a romantic relationship, just not with anyone I have ever met" Not sure, i usually evaluate all the potential candidates in my surroundings and based on some criteria (intellect, personality, how well we interact, if they might be interested in me) I choose who to ‘like’. 4. "I love the idea of romance but I can't deal with it in real life" Not sure, I haven’t been in enough romantic situations. 5. "I would like to be in a romantic relationship for practical reasons (not feelings)" I don’t see many practical reasons for a romantic relationship. 6. "I think I would like it if someone had romantic feelings for me" Yes, but only if our friendship isn’t ruined if i don’t date them. 7. "I would be fine in a romantic relationship or a QPR" Ive been reading up on QPRs but a romantic relationship seems more appealing. 8. "I would like to know what it's like to experience romantic attraction" Yes. It would make ‘deciding’ who to like much easier. 9. "I'd rather be romantic than aromantic" see above^^ 10. "I can't imagine spending the rest of my life as an aromantic person" Not sure, never thought about it. 11. "Being in a romantic relationship would help me attain other goals in my life" Not really? idk romance is pretty much in its own category of goals for me, 12. "I think dating sounds like fun" Definetly! I’ve been in a couple relationships myself and it’s been pretty fun.
  11. honestly, i would. As someone who is aro but still wants to have a relationship, feeling romantic attraction would make things a lot easier. (but then again, getting unstoppable crushes on people out of your league sounds pretty un-fun : / )
  12. I am cupioromantic (where you don’t feel romantic attraction but still want to be in a romantic relationship) and don’t feel much connection to a lot of content and ‘positivity’ for aspec people, becuase i do want a relationship. Does anyone have any ways to get around this? Just like anyone else, having content i can relate to would really do me good.
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