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  1. Banned for not appreciating yourself
  2. Leafy -_-

    would you rather

    Cold climate Would you rather live scared or sad?
  3. For me: - I like to hug them - Sometimes I get jealous when she's with someone that I don't like/hate. - I trust them - I want her to keep my secrets. So sometimes we get exclusive. - I'm always there when they need me - I'm being protective to them
  4. What to know Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera, lady gaga and Matt Bomber. I think the way they think is very interesting, and Christina is kind of introvert that I can get along with
  5. I can never learn to love that story
  6. I usually hate romantic fiction. I always see the faults in the story. How they can make a person more crazy in love. Which I never felt in my life. I feel love, care and compassion to my family and friends. And NBSB. That's very true. I don't think I'm able to have time with my best friend who is very drove by the love of his man for her. Sometimes, I get jealous. I want to spend time with them, like a sister to me.
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