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  1. I can definitely relate to what you say. I don't have friends like that, but a friend's brother and his girlfriend are like that and even my alloro friend can't stand them. Can't figure out why would anyone want to act like that with a partner, it sounds suffocating
  2. Personally, I believe romantic love did exist in the past, if anything because it is connected to certain peculiar feelings and I don't see how feelings could be "invented" at some point in history. What changed is the importance people gave to love. Once marriage was more of a contract, and if the people involved were in love good for them, otherwise they'd have to suck it up. Love happened but it was of secondary importance, not like now where it's one of people's life goals
  3. - I have a mental disorder and sometimes it's hard to define what is my aromanticism and what instead stems from my disorder - I'm the aro stereotype of cold, with problems expressing emotions, and very few friends - I'm into shipping and I greatly enjoy it
  4. As a kid I didn't understand romantic love was a thing that was different from friendship. I thought it was just friendship+ or something like that. I used to say I liked one boy because I considered him my best friend and I was convinced liking someone meant they were your favorite friend. I was always very confused when someone said they had a crush on a person they had never met because of this. Like, they're not even your friend, how can you say you like them when you just know their name?
  5. awra


    Thank you very much for the ice cream 😋
  6. Hi, I'm a university student, turning twenty this year, I'm aromantic and bisexual/queer. I don't really know what to say because I haven't been on forums for a very long time now, but I found out about this side and I had to make an account. I've known for some four or five years now that I am aromantic, but I'm always trying to learn new things about aromanticism. I don't really know anyone aromantic and I'm not out in real life, so I'd love to connect a bit more to other people like me.
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