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  1. I first came out to my mom and she was not happy. She tried to be supportive but I knew she didn't like that. A few weeks later, I was talking to my friends about relationships and one of them asked me if I was aro. I said yes and we moved on.
  2. I looked at it a few weeks ago so I relate a lot haha To this day, I still have no clue about what it is x)
  3. Wow that is hard. It may seem tough but maybe you should put some distance between X and you as well. Whenever she's ready to detach herself from Y, you can hang out together and do stuff but until then it seems complicated to do so I agree with you, it doesn't sound healthy but if they both agreed to that, there's nothing you can do
  4. Yeah I saw an interview of the actor saying that it makes sense for Jughead to be straight with what he's going through in the show. So disappointing....
  5. Yay, one more aro out ! I never heard about him before. I listen to Heart Eater now and then, I absolutely love this song especially "they all say I can change but I've always been this way" I think we can all relate to that.
  6. I wanted to mention Jughead but as you said a lot of people don't know him and the show Riverdale doesn't help....
  7. It could really help raise awareness Instead of explaining for hours what asexuality and aromanticism are we'd just have to take Todd for example x)
  8. You're getting my hopes up haha well since I already asked too much, I can ask for Todd and Yolanda to be in a qpr 😂
  9. Yeah everyone's different ! Being in a romantic relationship doesn't make you less aro. That's one of the reasons I really thought about before coming out. I didn't want to come out as aro to my friends and then hear those kind of comments if I ever get into a romantic relationship (not likely but we never know).
  10. Yeah, I probably ask too much but it'd be great if he came out as aro too and go on aro meetings this time haha but I think he'll have romantic feelings for her. When he heard the difference between aromantic and asexual he didn't recognize himself in the former (even if we all agree he has an aro vibe) so I think he's going to stick with the asexual label only.
  11. I really dislike when people say stuff like "oh aros can't be in romantic relationships otherwise they're not aros !" What we do or don't do doesn't change what we are.
  12. My brother and his wife are the same. When she goes out she feels guilty for leaving him alone and she wants to go back as quick as possible because she misses him. I don't know if that's unhealthy or not because I'm used of this type of behavior from couples but I know for sure it's not for me. I don't think I could let myself become that dependent, it's insane. I agree 100%. I tried to bring it up once but they told me I didn't understand real love (they don't even know I'm aro haha) and that I was completely insensitive. Ugh yeah. "Can i go there ? Can I buy this ?"
  13. I think I'm hoping too much haha Oh my gosh I can't believe I forgot this quote ! Everything he said sounds very aro to me so I'd be really disappointed if he has romantic feelings for someone all of a sudden.
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