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  1. Can someone give me a new link to the discord server?

  2. Ravenclaw Erudite Daughter of Athena/ Hunter of Artemis
  3. My discord says the invite has expired. Can someone post a new one? Please?
  4. Black Widow for sure. I totally agree about Rey too. I’ve always thought of Castiel from Supernatural as demi-romantic ace. And I’m already warming to the idea of aro!Dean in a qpr with Cas. Also Sam being greyromantic poly/pansexual. I mean we’ve never seen him really fall in love with more than about 5 peole in 13 years. Sorry I have all the hcs. I feel like Hermione might be aro ace, I mean I love Ron but their relationship felt a little forced on her side maybe more platonic. Plus besides Ron I don’t think she was ever “in love”. Melinda May from AoS feels very demi-romantic to me. Gabriel
  5. I kind of want a collective playlist of like power/ anti romance songs for when the amatonormativity is getting to you or when you just want to feel good about being aro. Any aro artists would be cool too
  6. One of my friends literally got into a love triangle and she came to ask me for advice, and I was just inwardly wondering why it was such a big deal and why she felt she needed romance because I was a stupid aromantic who didn’t understand how aromantic I was
  7. Romance books and movies/tv shoes have always made me want to facepalm. Like I like romance in fiction if it’s well done and not the main plot. But like Twilight The Bachelor and other stuff like it makes me confused. Why do people want to read that. Now fanfics I get, but whole series based purely on romance...
  8. I’m a brand new member. I’m aro ace, but only out to my best friend. I’m really excited to meet more people like me. I’m already on AVEN with the same account name. So yeah hi. I love puns and fandoms, and being ace
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