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  1. Finished PBG's route in Asagao Academy. Got the best possible ending and apparently that's hard to get so now my aromantic ass is ye olde date sim guide LMAO (Not that I mind! I love helping people!)

  2. Wow. Finally figured out the whole status update situation. Nice nice!

  3. Namakemono


    Haha, my friend loves Tetris! He's my age (18-19 range) but it's the first game he picks out no matter what. When I gifted him my old 3DS awhile back his first question was "is there a tetris game for it?" hee hee. I couldn't answer though because I didn't know D^: It's not my type of game...
  4. Top of a tree! I'd rather deal with the bugs than motion sickness :^y WYR play only one video game for the rest of your life or be the worst at every video game you play no matter what?
  5. Ew...but I'd still eat it... Squid ink pasta?
  6. My day started off really stressful and bad buuuuuuut... Finding out that my favorite youtuber has an unexpected/somewhat secret obsession with miniatures like me got me very excited!
  7. Yup, I'm aroflux! I know 100% that I'm aromantic, but I'm never sure to what degree/what identity I am, and it always changes, so aroflux was like the missing puzzle piece!
  8. My HS senior art teacher introduced me to this one: "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." (George Bernard Shaw (?) ) She said it reminded her of me; how dedicated I was to art and furthering my art career, and how I had come to terms with my gender identity and sense of self. She was there on the sidelines as I was trying to force myself into the preconceived idea of being genderless--the idea that genderless = wearing pants and shirts and binding your chest. I guess it was her way of saying "Hey, you don't have to fit a label 100%. Just be you." which was great, because it helped a lot. I now embrace wearing dresses and typically "girly" things because that's what I like to wear. I like looking cute and pretty. Those things don't invalidate my agender identity in the slightest. It wasn't until much, much later that I discovered nihilism from this video by Savannah Brown [warning for mentions of death. Nothing too serious, though.]. The quote took on a bit more meaning for me. It's a bit hard to explain, and Savannah's video explains it better than I can, but I can say it's in the epistemological / optimistic sides of nihilism how I see it. And that kinda feeds into the 'not having to fit a label' thing I mentioned before as well. So basically it's just one big positive affirmation for me, in a weird "nothing actually matters" sort of way. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. 100% on this. I can't tell which manifested first: my depression and anxiety, or my aromanticism. Did my depression/anxiety cause my aromanticism? Or did the aromaticism cause my depression/anxiety? The world may never know.
  10. I get super paranoid around people who I think are flirting or hitting on me. Like, to the point I outright ignore and run away from the person whenever they show up. A few times I even had small anxiety attacks. People have called me vain/conceited/narcissistic for that, which doesn't help at all. It's not as if I want them to have crushes on me, because I certainly do not. I just can't help that way of thinking.
  11. Toothache. Can't risk my arm or hand being that broken bone!! Would you rather have the power of Invisibility or Mind Reading?
  12. YMBAI you can't help being annoyed at people who talk about relationships--even when those people are good friends with good intentions.
  13. Namakemono


    I'm a Nintendo kid at heart! With the exception of Steam and other PC-type games, Nintendo-based consoles are actually the only consoles that I own. Right now I'm replaying Soul Silver after 8,000 years of going through Johto withdrawal. It's my 2nd or 3rd favorite Pokemon region, so it feels great to play it again! My 3DS FC is 2105-9565-0290 and my NNID is GUMIbears if anyone wants to add me
  14. I've never heard of this term (admittedly, I read it wrong and came into here thinking it was something else, heh heh....┐(´∀`)┌). I don't take myself out because I hate being out in public alone. Social anxiety kinda prevents me. So I drag friends along with me!
  15. AAA! Thank you guys! That's so sweet! I'm ready to devour the chocolate and mint chocolate chip ice cream
  16. Hi everyone! I'm Danya ("Day-na"), your friendly neighborhoos aroflux agender! I love Nintendo games, long walks on the beach, and sloths! It's fantastic to see an aromantic forum! Here's to having a rad time for all of us!
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