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  1. I'm not going to debate lexical ambiguity; I'm using a generally accepted term regardless of how you or I personally feel about that term in order to communicate as effectively as possible. Is it? That hardly aligns with what I've seen, but alright. Most people who label themselves 'antis' will put it in their blog url or description (as "[character]-against-pedos" or "[sexuality/orientation]course" or "[noun]-anti"); others will simply put "no freaks" or similar in their bio, then clarify that "freaks" means "anyone who ships somethin
  2. 'Anti' is usually a self-applied term short for, variously, "anti-shipper," "anti-kink," "anti-darkfic," or other similar topics. If you're not familiar with the anti movement, tumblr user freedom-of-fanfic has some informational posts that are generally useful (regardless of how much or little relevance the other views expressed on the blog have). Some relevant quotes: and I'd strongly prefer it. My main platform is Dreamwidth and the RSS feed is the primary way to subscribe to non-Dreamwidth pages (apart from crossposts on Livejournal). I'm less int
  3. I am looking for a page to add to my feed that discusses aromanticism in fannish contexts without supporting censorship and harassment. The key phrase is "add to my feed" rather than it being Tumblr-specific.
  4. Maybe I misunderstood your question -- I thought you were asking about the relationship between desire for emotional and physical intimacy.
  5. Almost every single aro-focussed blog on Tumblr that I have found is either explicitly or implicitly supporting the 'anti' movement in fandom. I've felt chased out of every aro space because of this; I've received death threats and suicide baiting from self-identified antis and do not feel comfortable in spaces that don't condemn this behavior. I'm looking for some blogs that do not do this. (For those who may not be familiar with the anti movement, it is a group of mostly young people who claim to be protecting children and trauma survivors from things they (the antis) find repuls
  6. I can, but it's not a requirement. I am in a committed emotionally intimate relationship with someone who I am sexually attracted to, but I can find people hot without having a desire for emotional intimacy or the reverse.
  7. I do want to point out that disabled readers may have significant issues with Chambers' endings. As an autistic person it was very painful to see an otherwise very nuanced book uncritically pushing "the best thing for this person is for their loved one(s) to ignore their explicit wishes and this was of course the correct decision."
  8. I've colloquially referred to that type of admiration as a "talent crush" (or in aro circles, "talent squish").
  9. Fanlore has an article about it here -- the long and short of it is, authors sign up to write a longer story with a wordcount minimum (the ones I've run or participated in have usually been 10,000 words), and then artists choose a story to make art for based on submitted summaries. It's a way for an artist and author to collaborate on a project.
  10. it's definitely similar! personally I find it easier to commit to bangs or challenges with a theme and a hard deadline, so I thought maybe some other people might feel the same. if not that's totally cool, Aggressively Arospec Week is awesome and I'm glad it exists
  11. I mentioned this site to my QPP a while ago, and he said his first thought was that "Arocalypse" should be the name for an apocalypse / post-apocalypse themed big bang focusing on aromantic characters. The more I thought about it the more I liked that concept -- most of the post-apocalyptic AU fic that I've encountered on AO3 has been romance themed, and I would very much like to have a more found-family dynamic in more fic. The bang would be multi-fandom (incl. original fiction) and different word minimums and posting deadlines could be discussed. (A traditional 50k minimum bang is Way, Way t
  12. I definitely agree that Susan comes across as aro! I'm also quite attached to aro(spec) Carrot and Angua in a QPP. Demiro/demisexual Vimes is also close to my heart, and so is aro Granny. bookhobbit on tumblr has some meta about aro(spec) Rincewind that I like a lot, ey write a lot about him in general. hm. there are a few folks who like aro Vetinari, and others who like Vetinari/Vimes as a ship -- I'm not particularly fond of either, but I'd much sooner have the former than the latter. I think I had some more things written down somewhere? I'll come back an
  13. @NullVector I do want to make it clear that I don't hate (or even dislike) most Jedi on an individual level. What I take issue with is the unwillingness to change, the hypocrisy, and the cultural / structural norms that were harmful to both adult Jedi and young children. I've probably spent way too much time over the past few years thinking about this so if you weren't expecting an essay I apologize. I'm aware that this is probably unreasonable to be so invested, but the clone wars special interest has been strong for a while now. (Cut for length.) Spoiler
  14. -dusts off my hands, cracks my knuckles- first off, to address headcanons from others that I saw here. I want to say that aroace John Sheppard is really, really good. I've seen him that way since I started the show, and I think I might have some scattered writings about his orientation somewhere in the depths of my google docs. Chloe Armstrong from SGU is aroflux in my head, and Lisa Park is aromantic, and Young is probably arospec of some kind as well. Star Trek -- Kirk/Spock squicks me out so much, probably because I saw myself in Spock before I even kne
  15. I don't believe I ever had a "best friend" in the traditional sense. I haven't had a single person I connected with above all others, and more than once when I thought I did the relationship turned toxic. I have a QPP, and the reason that I choose to 'elevate' my platonic relationship with him is more... in response to the amatonormativity I see around me. It's easier to say "oh yeah I have a partner" and just not specify that we aren't romantically involved than to identify him as my best friend or as a friend. Other ppl have talked about this before in other threads and posts and stuff but t
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