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  1. Dear elementary school me, You don't have to be a doormat to have friends. It's okay to have opinions and be weird! If you're friends ditch you for that then they aren't good friends. Dear middle school me, You aren't like everyone else. Not just in a ~quirky unique~ way, and that's okay! Also, some people aren't worth arguing with so leave it be. Dear younger me, don't worry so much about fitting in and looking normal, you'll get on fine when you find your group. Be yourself, think for yourself, don't feel like you have to be "normal." -Signed, present me (PS you have a mohawk now it's sick af)
  2. i dont wanna go to work 😢

  3. While I'm happy that I've finally realized and semi-accepted that I'm aro, it brings up a new hoard of fears. Mainly that my experiences and identities are too complex for anyone to love or appreciate; it's difficult for me to imagine that someone could love an aromantic-quoiromantic-nongendered-enby-who's-attract-to-women-and-some-enbies-who's-identities-and-attractions-are-probably-effected-by-their-nuerodivergency. And even though I try to work on these feelings by reassuring myself that there are plenty of accepting people out there who would love me for who I am they still tend to creep into my mind. And unfortunately, I'm sure that a lot of other people in the aro community (as well as the queer community in gender) feel this way too. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to deal with this, related experiences, and/or positivity and support groups for this?
  4. Hugging is fine with most people for men, but kissing & cuddling tend to cross the line into (what I've been taught is inherently) romantic.
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