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  1. The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I've read it a year ago and there was this exchange at the beginning between the narrator, Ned, and Gladys, woman, who is being proposed to. It stuck with me since then and I didn't even know I'm aromantic at that time. (Early signs... or something...) 😅 ~So far my thoughts had carried me, and I was about to break the long and uneasy silence, when two critical, dark eyes looked round at me, and the proud head was shaken in smiling reproof. "I have a presentiment that you are going to propose, Ned. I do wish you wouldn't; for things are so much nicer as they are." I drew my chair a little nearer. "Now, how did you know that I was going to propose?" I asked in genuine wonder. "Don't women always know? Do you suppose any woman in the world was ever taken unawares? But—oh, Ned, our friendship has been so good and so pleasant! What a pity to spoil it! Don't you feel how splendid it is that a young man and a young woman should be able to talk face to face as we have talked?"~ (Please ignore one hugely problematic sentence in there, I'm not going to talk about that - but that's always the problem with old books...). Anyways, I remember reading the highlighted sentence and screaming internally "same! mood! me! relatable af!" (insert whatever expression was "in" year ago). Jeez, so many spoiled friendships because of getting romance-zoned. Gladys is woke! 😁
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