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    So a guy from my work asked me out via text today. He started by asking me to take his shift then said to make up for it, we should "hang out". I have some complaints with how he started out this date request (basically by putting me in a bad mood). But anyways, I didn't realize he was actually asking me out until he suggested that we could go out to dinner and that he would pay the bill. Then I started freaking out. I ended up coming out to him, but still offered to hang out with him as friends. He didn't take my offer which kind of annoyed me because apparently I'm only a romantic option 😒 The last time I felt like this was when I was asked out in 9th grade, and that was before I learned that I was aro. It's such a terrifying feeling. It's like a mix of fear, confusion, shock, stress and a squeamish feeling, not quite akin to disgust, but on its way there. 😖
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    i'm hooking up/hanging out with this guy and he doesn't seem romantically attracted to me or do anything which makes me uncomfortable. that's all, just yay.
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    well my squish likes me back and for some reason i didn't register this for MONTHS. he told me like 3 times, and the other day he was like "i cannot believe i hav to say this again." Kinda embarrassed but also happi
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    I can't remember if I liked cuddles, or just like fantasizing about liking cuddles. Aro Quarantine.
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    hi, how do I change my profile photo?
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    Hi, I'm new here. I was brought to this site from AVEN.
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