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  • Jun 04

    Aros Create Pride Submissions

    Submission period for the aros create pride event. For more details see here: https://www.aromanticism.org/en/news-feed/aromantics-create-pride-2022  

  • Jun 12

    Aromantic google meet social

    monthly meetups see here for details:   meet.google.com/qum-mmnd-xkw

  • Jun 19

    Aggressively Arospec Week

    'a week-long event promoting the creation of arospec fancontent by arospec creators.' For more details see here: https://aggressivelyarospec.tumblr.com/tagged/AggressivelyArospecWeek/

  • Jun 25

    TAAAP Pride chats

    The Ace and Aro Advocacy Project (TAAAP) hosts Pride Chats during the last weekend of each month. See here for details https://taaap.org/pride-chats/

  • Jun 01

    Pride Month (US)

    pride month in the US plus many other parts of the world

  • May 04

    Aro Tunes Thursday

    Every thursday Aggressively Arospec puts out a list oof songs sent in by aros which reflect their feelings about aromanticism. For more details see here: https://aggressivelyarospec.tumblr.com/post/178788976720/aro-tunes-thursday-aggressivelyarospecs

  • Jun 01

    Carnival of aros

    monthly writing carnival, calls for submissions and roundups appear on the carnival website here: https://carnivalofaros.wordpress.com/

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