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  3. This survey will ask questions about what it's like to have autism & be asexual &/or Aromantic and the other way around with questions on orientation, discrimination and others. Data will be used to help make a YouTube video on my Aro/ace related channel about the Intersectionality between autism & being asexual &/or Aromantic as someone with autism who is Aromantic. All responses will be kept anonymous. Link
  4. Banned for including mirrored letters in your name
  5. The dolphins say 'So long and thanks for all the fish'. They leave and earth is destroyed. I wish I could drink as much beer as I want without getting drunk.
  6. Banned for using the same 'c' for 'robotic' and 'canary'
  7. Definitely not keen on the name gros. either too close to gross in english or as @nonmerci says, fat in French (and I'm pretty sure similar in other European languages). grace for grey ace works, that sounds fine, but really not keen on gros when greyros works fine.
  8. roboticanary

    am i aromatic?

    I'm not sure whether or not you are. As you can see from the other answer, you may be describing aesthetic attraction. From your question I cannot infer much but here are are a couple of questions you might want to ask yourself that may help: * when you considered a future with these crushes what do you imagine? do you see that as a romantic future or more like a best friend? * what makes you think people are attractive? This should give you a better idea of if you are describing aesthetic attraction *would you act on those crushes you describe? how?
  9. As mentioned by a few other users, I'm also not interested in the idea of a QPR. I'm much more interested in having close friends. Side Note: One of my best friends also isn't interested in the idea of romantic/sexual relationships, so I don't have to worry about him "leaving me for a romantic partner"!
  10. @Queasy_Attention what a chill idea, perfect mix of showing someone why aromanticism as a separate identity matters, but also not being unneccesarily cruel.
  11. I do joke a bit about being allo aro. Or more accurately I joke about being a sleaze sometimes, play up my liking of more casual hookups. Also I am not up for a fight for more general LGBT+ rights. Not that I won't stand up to abuse, but I don't do much to support the movement. I don't really get involved with local activist groups and (at the moment) I am not in the position to financially support any wider movements.
  12. Yeah true... some pie?
  13. We should have more to eat than cake, though.
  14. tempesta

    Acronym game

    After Lying Low, I Think Even Raccoons Advocate To Individually Open Norway. RASPBERRY
  15. tempesta

    Corrupt a Wish

    Lo and behold, the library miraculously pops back into existence! It's still on fire though, and by the time the fire is put out, the whole collection is lost. I wish humans could talk with dolphins.
  16. It's officially a party!
  17. Yeah! He's head carpenter, or uh... Was? Not sure what the situation with Hadestown will be once Broadway reopens tbh... But yeah
  18. At the beginning of this month, a random person decided to connect with me on LinkedIn (I thought nothing of it at the time, so I decided to accept her request). She then started to ask me personal questions, like if I was single or not. She said she wanted to get to know me better, and she even went so far as to ask for my number and to chat on Google Hangouts!! I declined, stating that she'd crossed a boundary, that I wasn't interested romantically, etc. In response, she seemed to get offended, saying she's looking for an honest, loyal husband, etc. Later, she typed her own number to me on the LinkedIn PM! I didn't text it. However, here come the funny parts! (TW: A prank is involved!!!) So, even though there was no direct communication that this person was pursuing me romantically, I suspected she was. Arocalypse members, how's THAT for a rejection story?!!
  19. I wrote a big long paragraph about people confusing asexuality and aromanticism, but ykno what I'm tired of talking about asexuality lol so I'll focus on the lighter part of this discussion: Lmao @Queasy_Attention that's so fucking funny. When they say "why tf did you buy me aro merch??" I'll say "oh umm right hmmm, to remind you of me 😇😇"
  20. Nice to meet you! My dad worked on Hadestown! I haven't actually seen it though...
  21. I constantly wear a hoodie IRL, and I absolutely hate taking it off, even in front of my closest friends, so being naked in front of anyone is a definite no for me. I've even considered getting a shirt and shorts to wear when I go swimming in place of a swimsuit
  22. People will understand you, however your ability to translate languages is akin to Google Translate so when they respond there shall be hilarious miscommunication. I wish we could have the Library of Alexandria back.
  23. Hey, so I just realized this was a thing... Since I don't really like being called my real name online (privacy reasons) y'all can call me whatever. I discovered I was aromantic around last year, after my friends suggested I might be asexual when we were talking about crushes and I said I didn't really do them for some reason. I like drawing, writing, reading, and making things, especially origami. I also love musicals, and my favorite is Hadestown. Hope to see y'all around :)
  24. I agree. or like?? just generally being rude/demeaning/ absolutely cruel to people that reject them it befuddles me endlessly
  25. Yesterday
  26. My way of a little closeted pride has been my drawers of craft stuff. Whole load of small stuff packed away in a cupboard so few other people see it, and I have slowly been painting bits in so the front of the drawers are in aro colours.
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