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Do you have thicker skin than most people, and if so, do you think it's because you're aromantic?

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my social anxiety disorder (SAD) is the only reason i care about what people think, and frequently, its more that i think they're think something, anyway, i'll stop rambling and get to the point. I'm an INTJ for those who know the myer-briggs type indicator which explains why, apart from my SAD which i can control, i generally dont care what people think or say. I have another friend whose also ace who's similar to me behaviour wise, her MBTI is ENTJ, so similar to mine. We're very close in temperament, and are generally pretty asocial together, to the point where we refer to ourselves as Mycroft (me ) and Sherlock (her) from the BBC's Sherlock.

Generally the things that will upset me is someone I trust or is close to me (being an introvert a small group of people) saying something unnecessarily harsh- is its deserved i dont mind as much.

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I used to be thick-skinned. I grew up in Tennessee. Everyone thought I was gay (maybe in part because I was already obviously aro), and made their resultant opinions of me very clear. At a school where about half of your classmates are telling you to convert or die (at age 11-12),  you grow a thick skin fast.  


My thick skin ends with other people. When I hear about any kind of prejudice, or insults between other people, I have difficulty containing my rage. I get this savior complex thing where I need to be an ally. Even if I might make the situation worse by trying.


I guess I didn't survive Tennessee just to be disappointed by the people beyond its borders too. Slights don't work on me directly anymore, but if they work on someone else, then they work on me all too well.

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