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Aro representation in LGBT places

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Hi and happy new year everybody!

So, I got the feeling that we focus too much on aro inclusion in ace places. Which have sense considering that aro and ace has been tied together since the creation of ace community... but seems damaging too. For instance, people here saying they didn't realize they are aro because they thought you have to be ace : except for heterosexual aro (I don't think there exist hetero places like LGBT places?), learning about aromanticism on gay, bi, pan, transgenres,  etc places would have help them a lot. Also, aro would feel more safe in LGBT communities, and it would help aro awareness more.

But I don't know how to do that. I am not personnaly involved in queer places except arocalypse.  I can't picture myself go on a LGBT community and say "hi! We exist!". I don't feel legitimate. I think AUREA must have a role here.


So, what I'm trying to say is : we should stop to focus so much on the ace communities and look for other places too.


2020 will be the aro year!

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Honestly what you can do is check out your local queer orgs and see if they're trying to say something about identities beyond the LGBT, like even intersex people, nonbinary identities, aces. If they're in touch with what's happening in the wider world (and they should be), they could be including identities like those. And then it's my expectation that they'll also accept aros :) As far as AUREA can provide some legitimacy and official contact, regular aros getting involved is invaluable too!

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