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What is gender?

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Hey everyone!

Sorry if my questions here are rude.

As I said many times here, I have a hard time understanding gender, transgender, agender, and why it matters to people. That's probably because I don't feel dysphoria, but I don't see gender as a part of my Identity. Or maybe I do and I have no conscius of that? Anyway, I know that if I have to list the thing that I feel important for my Identity, gender is not on the top of the list. That's why I have huge difficulties to understand things like gender studies (I have an English teacher who was passionate by "feminine writing" (don't know if that's the term in English), and I really don't get what it was and why women would have a special way of writing, though I'm woman and I write). In other words, I don't feel like my gender affects the way I behave.


But it seems a lot of people don't think like me. And how I love to understand how other people think, and that I don't want to offense someone by ignorance, I have some questions here.


1. How would you define gender?

2. Does it matters to you? Why?

3. How do you know what gender you are?

4. For genderfluid people, how does it works? (sorry, I think that's what I understand the least, but I hope you can clear things to me)


Here, I wish my question don't offense anyone. I just like to understand other people.

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