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Moral foundations test

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I got highest care as well, but I kept wanting more information on the questions. Like, do they know how to cook the dog meat? When Sarah gets drunk at the bar, is she drunk enough to not consent or is this question about polyamory? When the parents buy all the action figures, don't most of the kids in the class already have them and might'nt Timmy share his own toys with his friends? When Tom sleeps with another woman, was exclusivity implied and this was a case of cheating because of semantics, or did he think they were in an open relationship? In Emma and Cindy's job, what type of industry is it, because some industries like modelling or face-to-face social industries would benefit from increased 'traditional' attractiveness? When Brian argues with law enforcement, is it because he's trying to get out of something illegal or protesting for his rights or... what is this situation? With Bob and Pam and the money distribution, what are there ages, who has done the most work, will their father redistribute if he finds out Bob has done it unfairly xD? I just... ergh

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